Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Argyle 4 patch

Hey there!

Yesterday I was working on this baby:

 (Yikes! I didn't notice that one block had fallen off.  Oh, well, it was on the floor.)

I made these blocks a long time ago.  I mean a LONG time ago. These are made from scraps from a quilt I made for my daughter to take to college.  She's been out of graduate school for a couple of years, so these are at least 6 years old.  Time to get them out of the closet!  First I had to grab my sewing buddies:

Can't sew without them!

Put the blocks up on the wall, cut some setting triangles, and two episodes of White Collar later (what would we do without Netflix?), I had a center. Can I just say that way back when I made these I never thought about matching all those little seams. The pink cross pieces are half an inch.  What was I thinking? I also had  a small problem after putting the center together: I could not make the corners lay flat. Maybe I cut them too small?  I pressed and pressed, but they curl up.  Not sure what to do about that, so I left them for now to tackle later.  So now I have this little pile of fabric left to finish it off with:

Not sure what to do for borders, but this is what I have left to make it work. I know I could add something else, but where is the challenge in that? I'll finish this off before the weekend. Which could be what I said 6 years ago before I put it in a bag in the closet, but we'll just ignore that for now.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been trying and trying to get a list of blogs that I follow added on the sidebar.  I just can't make it work, so I'll keep trying, but for now you should hop on over to Kevin the Quilter and check out his awesome new quilt, Radar. It's phenomenal!

Have a great day!

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