Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Stitching slowly

Hello all! It feels like fall around here at last, and I am ready for sweaters, hot tea, and some lovely fall flowers.  As it gets a bit cooler, I'm reminded that one of my big plans for this year was to make a quilt for our bed. With everything that's happened this year, I got no further than picking out a pattern and some colors. I would get on it right away but I'm so behind on everything else. Oh, well! I guess it will wait, won't it? No chance I'll freeze with all the rest of the quilts around here.

I'm still feeling a little discombobulated from all the changes in our lives the last few months, and the stitching is going slowly still. The sewing room is still a mess, but it's getting better. And I came across a panel for another baby book that I've stitched up:

These are the cutest things, ans so easy to make.  I haven't put all the pages together yet, because this time I'm hand stitching the turning openings closed and I haven't had much time to do that yet this week. It will be done before Friday, though, so a tiny girl can chew on it this weekend.

I did use two layers of thin batting again, and I like how that turns out. It's nice and soft but substantial enough for a little one to grab on to easily.  If you ever make one of these, be sure to wash the panel first, because they really do shrink.

The other thing I've been working on is finishing up my nephew's quilt. I'm further along than this picture looks, because I've also been putting the sides together as I go. When I finally finish the center, it should go together really quickly.

Other than that, I've just been trying to organize the sewing room. I've been following my own Spring Cleaning advice as I go and once again I've gotten rid of lots of old stuff. Not fabric, though!

This picture just cheers me, and there's so much room for expansion! It's like a license to shop or something. That bottom shelf is mostly empty, after all, and we wouldn't want that fabric to be lonely.

That's where I am this week! I'm hoping to have a nice finish this weekend, and I'm also greatly anticipating the arrival of the plumber tomorrow.  You almost never look forward to something like that, but I really need some clean clothes, so I can't wait until they get here and replace that valve.

Happy stitching, folks!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Just a word

Hi everyone! You know those "word of the day" calendars? The word of the week for me is cash. It's been an expensive week. This week I paid taxes on my car for the *third* time-- when I bought it, when I moved to Delaware, and now when I moved to Maryland. Maryland's taxes were by far the worst, plus they came with a huge fee for a car inspection and the plates on top of that. It's like they really don't want people to move here or something.  Did I mention that the hubs has a car, too?

But I digress. . .let's talk quilty stuff, which is so much nicer to discuss than the time wasted at the DMV. (Excuse me, the MVA.) I did manage to get a few things stitched up this week, in between waiting rooms. First off, I have one last purple block to show:

This is what I made from the purple scrap I showed a bit ago. It was inspired by the block that Angela posted this week. I'm probably not going to make any black blocks, but this one sparked just enough to get me to use up that purple. Yay! And take a look at that lovely mum! I found a farmer's market near here and they had a whole bunch of these, along with some great tomatoes. The plums were awesome, too.

The other thing I did this week was work some more on the letters and words I've been putting together into mini quilts. I promise I did not make any of the words I was thinking repeatedly this week. (Those would be too R-rated.) I haven't decided what to do about the kindness panel yet, but I did finish this new word panel:

This is my favorite one so far! I made some lower case letters and they are actually readable. I didn't want to crop this picture because I love the trees in the background, so you can't really see how rounded the letters are, but I clipped all the points. I think they look great. That little "e" took forever but was so worth it.  Pretty sure that I'm going to go back and round the corners on the "h" as well. That little tail is not working for me.

Speaking of not working, sometimes experiments don't work out. You can see that I tried to make the "p" fancy or something and it just looked weird, so I had to lose the little tail. Not sure what I was thinking, but I definitely want to try some different fonts and ways to make letters.  I have several more words in mind, too.  (Still can't say enough good about Lynne's tutorial, either. It's great!)

That's the news from here. Hope you're having a good and inexpensive weekend! I'm going to drive my car with the very expensive plates to the grocery store and see if I can still afford something for dinner. It's a close call-- we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Perfect esses

Hi everyone, and greetings from the hot zone. I think someone forgot to tell the weather that it's October, because it's going to be 95 today and I am so done with it. I want to pack away the summer clothes but I don't dare. As soon as I do, you know it will hit 100, right?

Down in my nice cool sewing room (which is still an absolute mess, though I did get new light bulbs so now I can see the mess) I've been working on making some letters. Yes, including some esses, though I'll bet that some of you thought I misspelled that word in the headline. (This is not a political blog!) Here are my fun letters:

I can definitely read that word! And look-- the esses, which have been the worst letters ever for me to make, turned out great! I might go back and "clip" the other corners in them just to soften them a little more, but they definitely look like they should. I am so pleased.

You can see that I also remade one of the Ns. It just didn't look right, so I pulled it out and made another. I saved the first one, though, and I might use it somewhere else.

I struggled with some of these letters quite a bit, and then I finally gave in and bought Lynne Tyler's Liberated Letters tutorial. It helped so much. It was like taking a class, and then it just clicked. And look at that S!  (You can get the tutorial HERE. Totally worth the price.)

Now that I put it all together into a banner, I'm not sure that I want to keep it that way or if I want to break it up or otherwise arrange the letters differently. I know that I'm going to hang this in my office with the little Joy quilt and the banner is awfully long. I'm too lazy to go get the actual measurement, but it's more than 18 inches. I have this idea that I'll hang several of these mini words together, so a long one could go at the top, but maybe I'd rather have it be more square. Not sure. Requires more thought!

These letters are really fun to make, and they do go together pretty quick. I pulled out the string jar and used those, but it does take a *lot* of the background fabric. And it makes a fun mess, too. I was in such a great mood after those successful esses that I started another word in a different "font." Hey, if you're going to play, play! Anyone want to guess what the next word is?

Hope you're all having a great week so far and haven't melted away. Seriously, a cool breeze would feel great right now, wouldn't it?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

A few more little things

Hi everyone! It's the last weekend in September, can you believe it? It's still hot, hot, hot here and still dry, so the grass is turning brown and the leaves are falling.  We don't have a lot of color yet, but I have seen a couple of trees starting to turn a lovely yellow.  It's going to be really pretty around this property in a few weeks.

I just have a few tiny blocks to show today.  I thought I would finish something small, but I didn't finish binding it yet. Oh, well! Here are my tiny blocks for the week:

These are the last of the purples, and I love them all. I think they turned out great, but you can see that the lantern block is just a tiny bit too long. The seams appear to be off by about 1/32nd of an inch each, which doesn't show in bigger blocks but certainly shows here. Not sure what I'll do about it, since I don't want to rip it all out and they're off by about the width of the thread. I'll probably trim it and then make it fit. It's still very cute, though! The other two tiny purples are my own and weren't offered by Angela. I think they're cute, too!

Since we're nearing the end, I thought I should pull out all the tiny blocks and take inventory, so I pulled out a small design board (foam core board covered in a batting scrap) and took them all outside.  Here are the reds and yellows:

And then the pinks and oranges:

And last but not least, the greens to purples:

That's 44 blocks, with the Bow tie repeated twice. Not sure how that happened. I think I need more pinks and more yellows, and maybe one or two more reds. I started out thinking that 56 blocks would make a lovely little quilt, and I think I'll still aim for that.

As for a layout, I was thinking about making them shadow blocks, or else there is the striped quilt layout from Tula Pink's Modern Blocks that I like a lot. I'm not sure! How do you plan to set your blocks?

There's where we are-- lots of color in little bitty blocks, with the end in sight. Not sure what I'll do for the "dark" month next month, but I'm pretty sure it won't be brown. Maybe multicolors? Decisions, decisions!

Have a great weekend! Linking up with Angela for RSC19.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bit of this, bit of that

Hi everyone! Apparently the trees have gotten the message that it's now fall because the leaves have started falling around here. Or maybe it was the fact that it was 95 degrees here on the first day of fall, I don't know. I do know this: it rains a whole lot less here than it did in Delaware, which is odd because it's not that far away. Huh.

So, it's been hot and dry, which is okay and makes having the sewing room in the basement pretty comfortable. I'm making progress on getting things put away and cleaned up, but I still need to get a cutting table and a wastebasket.  Somehow my wastebasket got lost in the move.  How crazy is that? I've been basting some small quilts and just generally still getting organized, so I've been working on a couple of small things in between over the last few days.

Here's my first little project:

Yes, this is a new thing, because why not? A while ago I made a little bitty free-pieced word quilt called Joy, and now I'm making a small free-pieced word quilt to go with it to hang in my office.  Can you guess what this word is? I'm not that happy with the Ns, but I'll probably leave them since I know I'll be cursing over the dreaded S letters. Kindness indeed!

I also dipped into those pesky purple scraps and made a couple of Tiny Tuesday blocks, but I'm really looking for a way to use up this scrap:

This is a years-old piece of leftover strip set, and I just can't bring myself to toss it.  I have this weird thing about it, but I really would like to use it up, maybe in a tiny block. Any suggestions out there?

Finally, I've been finishing up the gray 4 patches for my nephew's quilt:

I have about 30 more of these to make (because the pattern calls for something like a billion of them) and I've used up a LOT of the gray scraps I had. The only ones I left out were the flowers, and I don't think I'll need to sneak those in at all. Just have to add here that 4-patches are boring to make, and gray 4-patches are doubly so.  The quilt is going to look great, but getting there is not half the fun on this one!

So that's the dispatch from my sewing room for now.  I do have some things basted and I'm looking forward to getting a couple of them finished up really soon.  And the search for a cutting table goes on! Hope you're all having a good week!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Little pink finish

Hi all, and welcome to what is officially the last weekend of summer. It's true-- Monday is the first day of autumn, so this is the last gasp of summer. Around here it's hanging on quite well, thanks, since it's supposed to be 85 on Monday, but it will still be officially done. Usually I don't mind, but this time I feel like I've missed the whole summer, what with the move and all.  As long as that doesn't mean a longer winter, it should be okay!

Today I want to show off the first finish in my new sewing room.  It's not very big, and it took a long time to get here, but it's done just the same:

Ta-da! Yes, this is a little baby-sized charity quilt that I started waaaay back when, for Sarah's Hands to Help challenge.  It finally got finished quilting and a binding and is all ready to be sent off to Jack's Basket.  And take a look at the tree above-- we had a twin trunk tree in front of our house in Delaware and we have one here in Baltimore too! It was a sign that we should definitely buy this house.

This little bitty quilt is just 36 by 36, which is the size requested by Jack's Basket.  That made it super-easy to make and super easy to quilt up.  I used somewhat wavy/ somewhat straight lines with the walking foot to quilt this.  Somehow whenever other people do this it looks great (especially Lorna!) but when I do I'm not happy with it.  Maybe the lines need to be closer together? I don't know. Guess I'll just have to keep trying until I really get the hang of it.

The binding for this little beauty came from my semi-magic basket of bindings.  When I cut the long pieces off the sides of a finished quilt, I turn those into bindings and then keep them in the basket with the length marked. I had a great piece of binding just for this quilt. It's a little wide on the front, but I don't mind that. I'm just happy that I didn't have to make a binding and got this finished up quick!

So that's one down, and the first one finished here in Baltimore. Yay! When Preeti came over a couple of weeks ago, she looked in the sewing room closet and said, "you have a lot of quilting to do!" Take a look and tell me if she was right:

Yeah, those are all tops waiting to be quilted up, so I think my task for this weekend will be a lot of basting. Some of those are a couple of years old, and they're not keeping anyone warm hanging up there. Now that summer is officially over, the season that must not be named can't be far behind, and we'll be needing that warmth!

I hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy the last few minutes of summer, because it won't be back for quite some time!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Four patch frenzy

Hi all! How's your life been? We've had quite the time around here. Let's start with this-- I am allergic to cats. So if, theoretically, I moved into a house with carpets and window treatments and such and a cat had lived there before me, my sinuses would swell up and I would have a big headache until I either moved out or employed someone with big industrial rug-sucking machines to clean the place.  And of course ripped out all of the offending window treatments, washed down the walls, and used the big sucking machines on all the nooks and crannies, too.  So when a neighbor mentioned the cat that used to live here, it solved a couple of mysteries and caused some trouble, but at least I'm feeling better now.

And how have you been?

Now that I can breathe again, I've started working in earnest on the quilt for my nephew. If you recall, he wanted orange, and I've been working on making four patches for Kevin the Quilter's mystery scrap quilt. It's turning out pretty well, even though there are a ton of four-patches to be made. Here's how far I am:

Okay, that doesn't look like much, but there are tons of four-patches waiting in the wings. I decided to make the center from two patches so that I could get more variety in the center, which is a pretty solid block of orange. I just don't want to have the same fabrics next to each other. Is that weird?

Of course, I did not have this many oranges in the stash.  I used most of the orange scraps I had, plus I purchased some orange fat quarters to cut up. I thought there was plenty of variety, but you know that you can always use more.  I get bored with stitching the same fabrics over and over, and a little stressed about making sure that there aren't too many that are the same. I'm not done with all the four patches in orange yet, so I think I might get a few more pieces just for a little more variation in the four patches. I think it might need some lighter oranges, just for a little zing. A few brights never hurt!

This is a two-color quilt, and I chose to use gray with the orange, because, you know, Joe is a guy and I wanted it to look masculine but not Halloween-ish:

I think the gray is going to work!  As you know if you have read this blog at all, I am not a big fan of gray and I generally don't have very much of it around. I used every single piece I could find, plus I bought some fat quarters, and I was able to eke out all of the gray that I needed. I *may* have cut one strip from a piece of yardage, but you can't fault me for that, can you? And I used up a lot of gray that was never going to get used in anything else, so that's a win, too.

I actually liked working with the grays a little better than the oranges. They're a little easier on the eyes, and for some reason I didn't care quite as much about how the different fabrics went together.  (I wonder what that says about me?) The grays don't photograph nearly as well, though!

So, now that our new place is cat-allergen free, I am back to it. The sewing room is not yet all together, but all the fabric is out of boxes (again), I've wiped down all the shelves and washed a few things, and I've gotten the books arranged.  And I found the walking foot, too, so maybe there will be a fun finish later this week.  We can hope, right?

This last photo is from the window in my office. By far the best view I've ever had. Usually I'm looking at some kind of building they put up in the 1970s, but all the offices in our "pod" have these huge, tall windows. It's great, and I'm happy to be looking at trees instead. Allergic to those, too, but at least they stay outside!

Hope you're all having a good, allergy-free week and getting some stitching in. And if you're selling your house, be sure to tell people about your pets! Or at least spring for some rug sucking when you move out!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A tiny new start

Hi everyone, and happy weekend! I hope everyone had a good week. I unpacked some more boxes, made some curtains, hemmed some others, and found my power cord. Yahoo! Then I sewed! It was heavenly.  I love the new sewing room. Here's one thing I didn't expect-- it's very quiet. I still don't know where some of my scraps are, but it was very peaceful while I was down there looking.

I have *so many* projects in various stages that it was hard to know where to start. I decided to start with some small things and catch up on some tiny scrap blocks:

As you can see, I ended up with five tiny blocks so far. As you can also see, one thing I haven't located yet is the charging cord for my camera, so I'm stuck with cell phone pictures. Yeah, not my favorites, either, but at least you get the idea.

These were so great to make. I did locate some blues, and these blocks only take a little bit of fabric, so I was able to eke these out. I had saved the "violet" block from a few weeks ago for when we finally got to purple, but now mine looks a little weird and I can't quite figure out what's wrong with it.  Maybe it will look okay once it's sewn to the others.

Do not get attached to this tree. . .

I decided to try the latest block, the Storm at Sea (how appropriate!) and I'm not super-pleased with it. So many tiny pieces! I did the paper piecing with seam allowances, and it was pretty bulky at some intersections. I had trouble lining up the points, too. So I'm not thrilled with it, but I'm keeping it because I don't want to redo it. It will look okay once it's with all the other blocks in the quilt, right?

That was all I had time for this week, but it felt great. It's almost starting to feel normal around here, but there are still some boxes left, and the painting hasn't even begun. Nonetheless, this weekend I'm going to go get the stuff for a design wall! Doesn't that sound exciting? No promises on actually getting it put up, but at least it's a start.

Hope you all have a good weekend! The picture above is of some roses that the deer haven't eaten yet. Maybe these aren't very tasty? Good thing they're pretty!

Sharing at soscrappy for RSC19. So glad the hurricane missed Florida and that Angela and family are safe!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Fabrics and boxes

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to see you all again! I bet you thought I fell off the planet, didn't you? Nope, things just got very, very busy around here.  We moved 2-1/2 weeks ago, I started my new job 2 weeks ago, and students started classes 4 days ago. Which all means that we are still surrounded by paper and boxes, but at least I get to leave it behind for a while every day. Why does unpacking take longer and make more mess than packing up does? And if I labeled all the boxes, why can't I find anything?

So, I haven't done any actual sewing, but I really missed blogging and I just wanted to say hi again. There are a few fabric-related things, though! I've been unpacking and putting my fabric away, so at least I've gotten to touch fabric.  Plus, check this out:

This small niche is in the wall of my sewing room, and the fabric bolts fit perfectly in it! It's like this area was built just for them.  And just so you know, those are only about 3 or 4 yards apiece, mostly for backings.  No full bolts here!

Other than that, I've bought these fun pieces to add to the fabrics on the shelves, mostly because they are bright and happy:

These yards are from Good Day by Me and My Sister and I got them from Fat Quarter Shop.  You know, sometimes I just can't resist those emails, especially when it's raining and gross outside.  And these are really pretty ones, so I couldn't think of a good reason to hold back.

And one other bit of new fabric:

Cute aqua fat quarters from Shabby Fabrics.  I know I shouldn't buy fat quarters, but they look so good together.  And can't you just see them in a lovely aqua and white quilt? Maybe baby-sized?  Okay, just me then!

So there we are-- some fabrics put away and some new fabrics soon to join them. We're loving our new home here in Baltimore and getting settled.  I actually hope to do some sewing this weekend, just as soon as I find the power cord for my machine.  They got separated somehow, but I'm sure the cord is down there in the sewing room, probably stuck in a random box.

Everybody have a good weekend! It's the end of August, so you know that cool weather can't be far behind, and then comes the season that shall not be named, so we need to enjoy the bright sunshine while we can!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Home sweet home

Hello from Baltimore, everyone! We managed to move and it was not quite painless, but it's done now and we're setting up our new home.  We spent last weekend cleaning (oh, baby, was it dirty) and then the truck brought our furniture on Monday.  So far Baltimore is great! It's very nice here (but quite warm) and it's been a pretty good experience. Bonus-- it only took me 17 minutes to get to work! This is a very big difference in the commute!

So, I guess you'll want to see my new sewing room, right?  First, a quilty picture, just so there's something quilty in this post:

This is a Tiny Tuesday block that I made with my pink scraps.  It's a variation on one of the blocks for last year's Squared Away project, and I'm calling it a Jumping Jack star.  You can make any of those Squared Away blocks into a Tiny Tuesday block if you cut the squares at 1-3/8. Yep, that's tiny! Now that I've made this one I think I'll make them all as tiny blocks.  In different colors, of course!

Okay, now to the sewing room. Here it is:

Yes, it's gray, but do you see how big it is?  This room is, unbelievably, about 12 by 29 feet.  And see that closet down at the end?  It's another 10 by 12 room, complete with shelves, hanging bars, and lights.  They tried to sell this as a fourth bedroom, but it definitely is not.  It's in the basement, but it has full size windows and a walkout door, but no wall to close it off from the rest of the basement.  This is okay, because the other finished rooms will be an exercise room and a storage room, so it doesn't have to be closed off for me. 

The room needs some warmer paint before I can even begin to work in there, along with some new lighting.  There is carpet on the floor, which is not ideal, but it's almost new and it's not in the budget right now to replace it, so it stays.  I really don't mind; I just want to get creating in there.  My fingers are itching to make some things.  And I'm thinking 12 foot design wall, what do you think?

As for the rest of the house, let me show you the whole reason we bought it:

A whole wall of windows looking out over the yard, which includes lots of trees and a small stream:

I saw three deer out there this morning, which almost makes up for the fact that most of the house is a dark gray, except the window room, which is kind of a mustard color, and the master bedroom, which is brown. Yeah, there's a lot of painting to do. And we won't even talk about the window treatments, which all need replacing.  I took down the really dirty ones with the dead bugs, but I had to leave some of them for privacy.  Those will be replaced even before the paint goes up, because I can live for a while with brown paint but not with dead bugs in the pleated shades.

So here we are and thrilled to be here! I think it's going to be a good place for us, and I hope to get the sewing room painted this weekend so I can unpack some fabrics.  Some bright pretty things should really brighten the place up, don't you think?

Everyone have a great weekend! I'll be unpacking and painting!

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sweet Caroline

Happy Thursday everyone, and hello from somewhere on the road to Baltimore!  There's a good chance that right as you read this I am lifting and carrying boxes or something else that people my age really should be past by now. We'll be settling into our new home in no time, but in the meantime I took some beauty pictures of a pre-blogging quilt for this throwback post.  Please enjoy, and please think good and happy thoughts for us and the move.

Here is my throwback quilt, and I'm not throwing it back:

Gosh, I love this pretty quilt!  It's pink and green, which is one of my favorite combinations, it's cozy, and it's just the right size for cuddling with my granddaughter.  Plus it reminds me of a very nice time I had with friends at my favorite quilt shop, Patched Works.

I made this quilt in 2012, I think.  May have been before that.  It was a sew along with each block designed by individual designers.  I wish I had kept the patterns so I could tell you more about it, but I do remember that we got them at the quilt group meetings.  They were printed out in color, so that alone tells you it was a long time ago!

I think this may have been a Civil War themed project or something similar, because I recall the sample quilt (and the patterns) being in reds and browns.  Of course, I chose a much more cheerful color combination.  The fact that I had virtually no red or brown had nothing to do with it, really.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the first quilts I had longarmed, and it certainly was worth it.  It turned out to be a good investment that I have repeated many times.  This quilt has a lovely texture that I really like, with all the swoops and swirls.  Plus the quilting pattern almost matches the swirly pattern in the border fabric, which was nice but completely unintentional.

Striped binding!

The name of this quilt is Sweet Caroline.  At the time, I thought it was a perfect name for this happy, girly quilt (and it had nothing to do with the Red Sox, Boston fans).   Years later, when one of my granddaughters was born, I discovered that this quilt had indeed been perfectly named. I'll leave it to you to connect the dots and figure out why that is.  Needless to say, this beauty will be hanging around here for years!

So, there's another throwback quilt from my pre-blogging collection! There are quite a few others, but for now this one is my favorite.  (Guess why.) I'll save the others for another time, but it will definitely not be when we are moving, because I am not moving again.  I said that before, but this time I really mean it!

Pieced cornerstones!

Hope you're all having a good week and getting lots of stitching done.  I'll see you next week from our new home, hopefully with some pictures of my new (enormous) sewing room!

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Soft signs of love

Hi everyone, and welcome to August! It feels like it's been August for weeks, at least temperature-wise, and certainly the grass looks like it's been as hot as August for a while.  Yep, brown and brittle. For anyone out there in the rest of the country who wonders why Congress goes on recess every August, I can now tell you in detail why that is!

We are very busy around here right now, and there's not a lot of stitching getting done.  I have just one small thing that I finished up this week, and I am super happy to show you this:

This is the cutest little fabric book that is nice and soft and squishy and just perfect for tiny humans.  My friend Bernie sent me this panel to make for my newest grandchild, and I know that she's going to love it and chew on it and maybe even learn a few baby signs from it. Many thanks, Bernie! The panel is still available in her shop, and you can find it HERE so you can make your own. (And hey-- free shipping! You could even look around at a few other things while you're there, too.)

If you haven't made one of these book panels before, I'm here to tell you that they are super easy.  Directions are printed right on the panel, but it's a fairly intuitive process.  You cut out the pages, layer them with some batting, and then stitch around them envelope-style. Turn, press, and stitch the opening closed, then stack the pages and sew through all the layers.  Presto, a soft fabric book!

For my book, I used two layers of batting for each set of pages, just because my batting (which was leftover scraps) was pretty thin.  This made the pages nice and beefy, easier for tiny hands to grab.  One tip I have is to pin the page numbers to your pages so that you can keep track of which page goes where.  This book has no plot, so a mixup wouldn't matter much, but you know how I like things to be where they're supposed to be.

One other thing I did with this little book is to use a narrow zigzag for the "spine" of the book.  Even the gentlest little person can be awfully rough on things and I didn't want it to come apart, especially if she has it in her mouth or something, so this was just a little insurance.  It was a pretty thick stack, so it didn't move very well through the machine, but I did manage to get the job done.

This was a fun little project and I can't wait to give it to my granddaughter and teach her a few signs.  (There is a hard cover version of this book that is very similar, also by Joy Allen, and several other books on teaching signs to your child. THIS one is very good.)  Since it's so easy and doesn't require a lot of precision, I think this would be a great project to make with a child who is learning to sew, or even a younger child who could help cut and stack the pages.  Then they could have a hand-made gift for a new baby, too.

This was a fun little project, and a great one to end on. At least in this house!  This was my last little project here, and right after I finished I packed up the remainder of the sewing notions and thread to get it ready to move. (I marked that box "sewing room box 1" so I know to unpack that one first!) We are moving this coming week, so I won't be sewing for a little while. I'm sad to leave, but I know that new adventures and much happiness await us in our new home in Baltimore.  I have a throwback post scheduled for next week while we move, and then I'll be playing it by ear while we get settled and I start working at the new school.

Best wishes to all of you in your quilty endeavors the next couple of weeks, and I'll see you on the other side of the moving van!

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