Saturday, July 24, 2021

A challenge in blue and purple

 Hello everyone, and welcome to another summer weekend. Aren't they great? This week I've seen people (okay, mainly fabric companies) busting out fall-themed projects, and I've wanted very much to tell them to stop it. Summer is short enough-- don't rush toward fall! I still have tons of ice cream to eat!

It's time for another check-in for my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and I've done okay with the darker blue this month. Turns out I have a few that are actually kinda cute, which is a surprise to me. Here are my Saguaro blocks in darker blues:
Definitely not navy, but not too bad. I really like the floral. Also, are blueberries blue or purple? I couldn't decide, but I put them with the blues. Either way, they fit nicely into this quilt. You might notice that the "leaves" on the blueberry block are kind of brownish, but that's a batik that has a lot of green in it, and that's just the way those hsts turned out. Sometimes fabric is like that.

I also made the last of the purples, so here are those three blocks:
I like them! Where else could I have used that grape fabric? I have no idea where I got it, but it has been kicking around here for quite a while.

So now we're getting to the stage where I'm starting to think about putting some blocks together and what the final quilt is going to look like. I threw some of the blocks into the design wall, just to see:
I like them and think they'll make a great quilt, but does anyone else think there is a lot of white space there? In the pattern there are a lot of different backgrounds, so it's not as noticeable, but mine are all white and I think it might look a little bland. I thought about using stitch and flip corners on the the blocks to mitigate some of the white space:
What do you think? Is it too distracting? Does it look too much like a bullseye? I think I like it, but do I want all green, like the "leaves," or multicolors? Or maybe I want a sashing and cornerstones instead! That could make an alternate block on it's own if I do it correctly. Decisions, decisions. . .

Fun things to ponder! Hope you have a lovely summer weekend with lots of sunshine and ice cream. We are going to try to take down a massive (8 feet by 6 feet) mirror in the bathroom. I'm tired of watching myself shower. Wish us luck! 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A very pink week

 Hi all! How's it going? We are hot and humid, but, you know, it's July. Have to expect that, right?  Break out the popsicles and ice cream, because hot food is out of the question right now.

I've been working on a couple of things this week, and it turns out there's kind of a pink theme happening right now. First up are the latest of the "old and new" blocks:
I didn't set out to make three coral blocks, but that's how it worked out. Sometimes it's like that, right? I love these blocks, and now I understand why the modern blocks are so popular. They are so much faster to make than the traditional blocks. I think the traditional blocks are worth it, though, especially when they turn out so pretty.  The block on the left is actually a block from a Civil War sampler, if you can believe it. So much prettier in coral and green than gray and blue!

While I'm thinking of it, if you happen to know the fabric line or designer of the fabric above, could you please let me know?  I messed up and used that fabric for a different quilt, and now I only have a few scraps and I need some more of it. I know it's a long shot, but maybe one of you will recognize it. 

In other pink news. . .Lynne over at Patchery Menagerie has been making herself a luscious pink quilt, and that inspired me to pull out these leftover magenta pieces:

These are left over from a Bonnie Hunter quilt that I finished in a different way from the pattern. If I use four of these per block, I have enough already assembled for 16 blocks, and enough pieces cut for a total of 24 blocks. My real dilemma is how to put them together. As I see it, there are two options:

I like them both, which makes it difficult to choose. The four patches are also leftovers, so I thought I might go ahead and use them here, too. It feels like there are hundreds of them, and they have to get used somewhere! For the stars, I'm leaning to the ones on the right, if only because they'll fit better with some kind of alternate block. I haven't chosen that yet, but I feel like I have to figure the stars out first. One thing at a time! (Which doesn't seem to happen around here, actually. . .)

So, it's been a very pink week so far! I love pink, so that makes me plenty happy. Plus, here is a sneak peek of a non-pink project that I'm trying to finish up:
Yikes! There is embroidery involved with this one, and it's a bit too warm to hold on my lap, so it's going slowly. But it's thrilling to have it at this stage!

Hope you're all having a good week, with lots of air conditioning. Try not to melt, and pass those popsicles!

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Peaceful blue vibes

 Hi all! How have you been, besides really hot? I had a great week, mainly because we spent most of it with family, including both my parents and my grandkids. It was my dad's Covid-postponed big birthday bash, and it was a blast! A lot of us in this now-extended family were able to get there, and it was just great to be together. There may have been some tears, and not just from the teething one-year-old. The best part for me was getting to see my grandkids interacting with my parents, and listening to the five-year-old tell my dad all about his trip to the haircut store (which he loves.) We all had the best time.

We got home to find a pile of mail that was postmarked in December. (I am not joking.) Thanks for the Christmas cards, folks! I also got back to today's finished quilt top. I meant to take pictures before we left, but it didn't happen. Oh, well! That's what Friday mornings are for, right?  Here is a nice cool blue quilt top for those of you who are really warm right now:
Yahoo! This is my first quilt top for the Positivity Quilt Along, and this quilt is destined for Mercyful Quilts. You know I had to do something different from everyone else, so I set mine with alternate blocks and added borders. I kept it all monochrome so that it would feel peaceful and calm, and I'm happy with how it looks.
To tell the truth, I think the borders really make this quilt. When I finished the quilt center I was really in despair because it was just so bland. Not peaceful and calm, just blah. I added a pale blue narrow inner border and a wider outer border in a deeper blue and it came alive. I was so relieved!
This quilt used up a couple of pieces that have been kicking around here for a really long time. Every last bit of the primary beige in the quilt top got used, and I even had to piece the very last large square. All of the beige in the alternate blocks also got used up, and if you look really closely you'll see that there are four alternate blocks that use a different beige. I ran out of the first fabric and had to improvise. Nothing to be done, and it still looks good. Most of the two blues were also used up.

I've ordered a pale blue backing for this quilt, and I really need to have it finished before mid-August if I have any hope of making Preeti's deadline. I think the only way to quilt this is with a crosshatch that follows the chains in the alternate blocks. Thank goodness, because I am pretty sure I can handle that!

Hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to a great weekend. It's nice to be home, but I have more laundry to do,  and I'd better hit the grocery store because I'm pretty sure we'll want to eat sometime in the next 24 hours. Then there is that second Mercy quilt, which is calling my name, along with sixty more things. . .it never ends. Not that I want it to! Happy stitching, and I hope you all are having happy reunions, too.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Chain links

Hi everyone, and happy weekend! I hope you all had a lovely week. I was mostly inside, because it is hot and rainy, but I did get a lot of things done. After almost two years, the house is finally starting to feel like home. Once I get the hallway done, I think I'll be finished with home improvements for a while. Until I get sick of something else and absolutely have to change it or paint it, that is.

Since I wanted desperately to stay in the air conditioning, I made some progress on the Color Chain quilt that I'm working on for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This month's color is a darker blue, which we all know is not my favorite color. How about some medium-ish blues instead? Here we go:

These blocks are super easy to make, but my real surprise was how many blue bits I actually have.  Since I cleaned up and sorted out the scraps that were in various baskets, I discovered quite a bit of blue. I'm going to need a plan for that, but for now these blocks will have to do.
For last month, I had made two lonely purples:
I don't know why there are only two instead of three, but I must have gotten distracted. That's easy to fix, though. I have a whole bunch of purple to use up.

Finally, I also finished up the red chain blocks that I also got too distracted to finish:
Very cheery, aren't they? Red is a perfect color for midsummer, and none of the flowers have dried up yet. I love having the pots up on the railing. I can see them from inside and they always make me happy.

In a crazy moment between rain showers, I took all of the blocks out to the rustic stone patio we have and laid them out:

It was very sweaty, but worth it. They look so great! It will be a cheerful quilt for sure. I only need ten more blocks to finish this up.. Not sure how I'll lay them out yet, but it will definitely emphasize the chain. (If you'd like to make these blocks, there are instructions right HERE.)

So, there is my progress for a colorful chain quilt! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the weekend. Today (Saturday) is my dad's 81st birthday, so there are some shenanigans sure to ensue, involving everyone, including great grandchildren. Looking forward to quite the time!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Blocks and flowers

Hello from the very warm East coast! I know it's July, and I know it's warmer in other places, but holy cow it's been warm here. I've been getting some things done in the house in order to stay out of the heat, like cleaning the kitchen cabinets, and ordering wallpaper for the hallway, and hanging up some more photos. Oh, and I did some sewing, too. A lot of it was boring stuff, like hemming pants and taking in a dress, but I did manage to move a couple of projects along. It always feels good to do that, doesn't it?

The main thing I've stitched away on was the old and new quilt. Here are some more blocks:
Sorry, I just love the flowers and had to get them into the picture! I do love samplers. Every block is a new challenge, and it's hard to get really bored because they're all different. These blocks will finish at six inches square, and are a mixture of modern blocks and traditional blocks from the many block books that I own. Eventually there will be at least 48 blocks, half modern and half traditional, and I'm nearly finished with the modern ones, as you can see:
I love these colors all together and I think it's going to be a really cool quilt. I have no idea what the layout will be, but it will be interesting to figure out! 

Other than the clothes I altered, which no one wants to see (really), I also made myself a small treat:

I think the context with my messy desk there tells you that this is a bulletin board! I spared you most of the mess by cropping out the teetering pile of paper on the side there, but this is my new "home office." I taught classes from this bedroom for a year, and now I've decided to keep it as a home workspace, though I sincerely pray that I'll never have to teach from here again. If I'm going to work here, it might as well be nice, right? I covered a piece of foam board with quilt batting, then covered that with a pretty but non-distracting piece of fabric. This is a piece of Spring Brook by Corey Yoder. I also got some of the yellows, but why use them on the wall?
I hope all of you are doing well and not melting or anything else in the weather extremes. I have a binding to put on a finished quilt, but I just can't bring myself to do it! Before I finish up, you all know that my friend Bernie is retiring and closing up her online fabric shop. She's now marked things down even more, so hop over and see if there isn't a treasure there that you can't live without. I'll bet you can!

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Damp but full of joy

 Hi all! Has it cooled off where you are at all? We had several very hot days, including one where it reached 99 degrees, then we had a really big thunderstorm yesterday and it really cooled off. My husband and I call those "red storms" because of how they look on the radar, but this time red was our lucky color since it really is much nicer outside now. My brother, however, lives in Portland, Oregon, and he is baking, so I really do empathize with everyone in the heat. 

A good place to be in the heat is a nice cool sewing room, right? It was so hot that I went downstairs just to clean up that room. I sorted a whole bunch of scraps and felt very virtuous. And then I put a binding on another finished quilt. Yay me! Here is a new finished beauty:

 I love this quilt! I called it Joyful, because just look at it! Doesn't it scream "joy?" I'm sorry to say that I made this fun and happy quilt in 2017, and it has hung in the closet ever since. This is a shame, because it's just the kind of quilt you want to have around to look at and pick you up when you're a little down. I could have used this a few months ago.

I took the photos of this quilt this morning because I just finished the binding yesterday, and it rained and rained. This morning it was still really drippy in the trees where I usually take pictures, so I moved to the other side of our property, where there are fewer trees and we have the swingset. Why haven't I done this before? It was perfect for hanging the quilt and getting some really interesting pictures, plus I got to see some baby bunnies before they became hawk food. 

In my ongoing quest to clear out the unquilted tops in the closet, I finally sent this off to my friend Diane, who worked her magic using a stitching design called Cloud Nine. I love the design and think it really works on this square quilt. It gives it such great texture:
Every bit of this quilt is scraps, including, to my great surprise, the binding. I auditioned several bindings, including turquoise, pink, orange, and yellow, but none of them worked. 
What can I say? The quilt wants what the quilt wants, and this one wanted a scrappy binding. Thankfully, I have a jar where I keep all the binding ends from my quilts, and I used quite a few of those pieces in the binding here. I actually really like how it turned out, and now I have six yards of a really nice turquoise binding ready to go for some other lucky quilt. 
While we're looking, check out that backing! I bought this specifically for this quilt, which is something I seldom do, but who could resist? It's perfect for the quilt and makes the front of the quilt really shine. And it's also quite joyful!

When I made this quilt top, I started with the orphan block in the center and just kept adding rounds until I felt like it was done. The only goal was to use up scraps. Some of the rounds are things I hadn't done before, like the triangles and the arrangement of the geese. I learned something from each of the rounds, but I still like the geese the best. I think they turned out really cool-looking, and they were fun to make (not the case with most geese!)

So there is some reason for joy in my morning! I hope you all have lots of reasons to be joyful this weekend, and that everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day celebration. It feels so normal to say that! Happy Fourth of July, and I hope everyone overseas has a great weekend, too!
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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Positive progress

 Hi everyone! Yes, it's a very rare Sunday post! I'm usually busy doing family stuff-- or scrubbing something-- on the weekends, but I took some pictures of the progress I've made on my Positivity quilts to share today, so that's what I'm doing. Always good to have a plan, isn't it?

 You probably know by now that my friend Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts is running the Positivity Quilt Along to benefit Mercyful Quilts, which is overseen by my friend Bernie.  How could I not jump in and support some friends and contribute to a good cause? And I get to make a quilt, too, which is one of my favorite things to do.

You may recall that I had a problem with the first quilt I started, so I started a second one in case I couldn't figure out the first one. Doesn't everyone do that? Here is a small section of the second quilt:
It doesn't photograph really well because the colors are so soft (and I'm not a great photographer), but I think you get the idea. Here's a little bit better picture without so many shadows-- or flowers:
I've started to call this the Whisper quilt, because it's so quiet. I have all of the plus blocks made, and many of the alternate blocks. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I changed the alternate blocks. I had planned to use this block in the first quilt, but am not using it now, so why not use it here? I like the trail it makes better than the first alternate block I showed. 

As for the second quilt, which is the first one I started, I think I've worked out what to do with that problem child. Here is a small section of that quilt:

For this one, I abandoned the idea of alternate blocks and used a sashing and cornerstone instead. This meant I had to make more plus blocks, and that meant that I really had to squeeze the fabric and get every little bit out of it. I just have a few more blocks to stitch together, and I think we're going to make it-- but only by a little bit!

I really like the "block" formed by the corners of the blocks and the cornerstones, and I think it makes a nice overall look for the quilt.

If you'd like to make this layout, you'll need to make 30 blocks and then sash them with 20 cornerstones, then also add a border to make it the proper size. In my diagram above, all of the grid squares equal 2 inches finished, so I think you can figure out the rest of the cutting and whatnot from there.

So, that's the progress I've made so far on my Positivity quilts. The blocks are really easy, and there is plenty of time to jump in, so consider making a quilt and joining in the quilt along. There is a lot of information--including something like a dozen possible layouts-- over on Preeti's blog, so you can get started right away. And did I mention that there are prizes? Yep, Preeti has lined up some great sponsors, so you may get something more than a warm feeling from making this quilt!

Hope you all are making progress on your quilts,  and thanks to Preeti and Bernie for the fun quiltalong. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Block building

 Hello all! How is your life going this week? We went on a small trip last weekend, which was fantastic, and we came back just in time for some thunderstorms that brought a lot of cooler weather with them. It feels so great outside! Plus, the cicadas are almost all gone. They left quite some mess behind, but at least they aren't dive-bombing me any more.

With all of that, I did make some progress on projects so far this week. A little while ago I pulled out an old project that I called "old and new" and I've started working on it again. Here are some of the blocks I made over the last few days:
I'm not so sure about the colors for that block on the left, but it's staying. These blocks all finish at 6 inches, so yep, those hsts are only one inch square.  They took some time, but they really were fun to work on. I always think, "oh, that won't take long," and it takes forever to make. You would think a mini block would be quick, but no. Obviously these are all traditional blocks, just in a small size. I love the middle one, which is called Broken Windows.
Here are all the blocks for the project so far:

I really like it and think it's going to be lovely when finished. I have one problem, though-- I need more fabric. I don't know about you, but somehow I went through a *lot* of fabric over the last few months. My stash is looking really pathetic right now. I do like that it's small, but not this small. I guess I'll have to go shopping or something, don't you think?

I also made the next step for the Laundry Basket "mystery" quilt that I've been working on:

It happens that I overbought flowers, and now I need to find a place for those yellow ones. I wonder if deer eat them? The blue blocks are really pretty, though, aren't they? I didn't get a progress picture, but I only have three steps left to go on the mystery before I decide what to do about borders.
Also waiting for me when we got home was my gift from Sarah for the Hands to Help challenge:
This is great-- another block book! Thanks so much! More things to drool over and dream about.
Finally for today-- I've added a widget to the sidebar for you to sign up to get posts by email. >>>>> Just about everyone knows by now that the one we've been using for emailing posts is going away, and a lot of people have already stopped getting emails. I was shocked and humbled to find that there were almost 1500 people signed up through that service to get emails from this blog! Thanks! I didn't feel comfortable importing your email addresses into a new service, so please take a moment and do that yourselves.

The new widget is, and Sarah has a whole post about it HERE. I'll just second everything she said. The ads are not my fault. I did sign up for a couple of different services to test them out (because I got posts by email, too) and the one I liked best was Bloglovin'. I found somewhat difficult to figure out, long on flashy graphics and short on details. Feedly I didn't really like at all, mainly because I would like to filter my own content, thank you very much. I don't want artificial intelligence doing it for me. Bloglovin' was much "quieter," though it does have ads, and I signed up to get everything in just one email a day, so sometimes I will not see a post until the next day if it posts later. So, I've deleted everything else and kept Bloglovin' and it's actually turning out pretty well.

Probably more than you wanted to know! I actually could have written a whole post about this, but try them out yourselves and choose what works for you. And thanks for following along on my misadventures, too!

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Purple morning

 Hello, all, and happy weekend! How was your week? I had a really productive week, and we got our furnace and ductwork cleaned on top of that. The furnace people said that the ductwork had never been cleaned, and the house is more than 60 years old, plus we've had a bunch of work done, so I expect it to be much less dusty now. If that means less cleaning for me, I am all for it.

Last year I started making fabric baskets to hold my scraps as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project, but I got sidetracked when everything got so stressful (for some odd reason), so this year I'm trying to catch up with the colors I missed. I skipped purple, and those poor scraps have had to hang out in a plastic bin with the lid coming off ever since. It's purple's turn in the RSC again, so I made up that scrap basket this week:
The fact that this year's petunias are purple is a complete coincidence! I think the basket is cute, with all those strange angles and whatnot. This basket started with a leftover triangle, so much of it turned out to be diagonal after everything was folded and stitched and everything. I put it together quilt as you go, and I think it turned out just fine. And it's half full of scraps already! I've never measured the finished basket, but the scrap slab that becomes the basket measures about 18 by 24.
I also made some of the little 16-patches for a different RSC project:

Why do mini blocks also look so cute? These look a little washed out, but they really are lavender. I may not make any darker purples. I haven't decided yet. I haven't kept up with this one very well, which is too bad because they are so easy and turn out well. These are made from 1-1/2 inch squares, which I have a large bin full of, so I really should get on that.

And that's the purple report from here! There are still plenty of purple scraps, so stay tuned for more purple goodness. Hope you all are having a good weekend with something fun planned. We're having more rain, but I do have some fun planned, right after I do all those fun errands we all have. Always more exciting in the rain! 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A second dose of positivity

 Hi everyone! How is your week going? I am happy to tell you that the noise from the cicadas is fading. It's fading because they're all done with their life cycle and are now dying in droves. The front walk looks like the site of a massacre. We keep using the leaf blower to clear it because the crunchiness when you go out to the mailbox is really disconcerting, and using a broom is just icky.

Other than that. . .well, I started another quilt, and it turned out to be another positivity quilt for Preeti's quilt along. I had some trouble with the first one, so it had to go into time out for a little bit while I figured out what to do with it, and in the mean time, I cut out another quilt. Here are the blocks for the second quilt:

Okay, that's only two, but I've now made 10 of the plusses and some of the alternate blocks, too. I wanted a very calm quilt, so I chose this piece of pale blue and paired it with some very old, but still pretty, beige. I think it's very serene and will be a nice, calming quilt for a palliative care patient. 

Looking at it, I thought the blue with the beige would be a *lot* of beige, and the plusses would kind of get lost, so I decided to add an alternate block in a slightly different blue as well:
An alternate block was always my plan, and I chose this one just because it adds more color into the quilt but still keeps everything very calm, with nothing really jarring. When I look at the pictures, the alternate block looks much larger than the plus block, but that's some kind of photographic trick, because they are exactly the same size. 

Fun fact: if you want to use an alternate block, you only need to make half the number of each block. If you check out my diagram, you'll see that I'm making 18 plus blocks and 17 alternate blocks. This fits my fabric really well, and I'll add borders to bring it up to the right size. Fun fact number 2: all of the blocks from the Squared Away sampler finish at 10 inches, the exact size needed for alternate blocks. Check them out!

As for the first quilt, I had to abandon the brown. I really liked how the blocks looked individually, but once I put them together with the alternate blocks, it was waaaay too dark. And somewhat depressing. A failed idea! The only thing to do was start over, but I really wanted to use the red fabric and others I chose, so out came the seam ripper. I'm ending up with these for the plus blocks:

Not sure what to do about the alternate blocks right now. I still want it to be "woodsy," but some of my original fabric won't work with the new background. So, the plus blocks are getting made, but the alternate blocks are still in time out. A little bit of a problem child, this one!

Hope you all are having a really good week and coming along on the quilt along, or your other projects. There are many other irons in the fire here, but for now I think I'll make some lunch and get back to stitching. I have a lot more blocks to make! And work to do, but that's a different story. . .

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Sunshine in the rain

 Hi everyone! I don't know about you, but we have started to get out and about some more, but not quite normal yet, and this week we traveled to our nephew's high school graduation. They held it in person! In a cicada-free area of the country, too. It was a bit like a family reunion, and most of us spent some time sobbing over lost time. It was so great to see my sister and niece and nephew, and my parents were there, and some siblings, too. And J. got safely graduated and is off to college soon, which was our whole reason for getting together. A great time was had by all. And did I mention the absence of big ugly bugs?

On the home front, I have been making really good progress on the quilt tops that are hanging in the closet, and today there is another one finished. Hurray! I have four others in various stages, but here is today's:
I've tried taking pictures during what they call "the golden hour," but it is so, so not working for me. Too many weird shadows. Plus we have had rain, so it's quite damp and I have to run between the raindrops to get decent photos. Can you see those threatening clouds at the top of the picture? Here is the quilt with fewer shadows:

That's a bit better. If you look closely, you can see some of the different blues in the setting triangles. This quilt was made in 2018 and 2019 and is from the Community Sampler offered by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell. The flimsy was done in February of 2019, so I think it has aged properly. I just checked and the patterns are all still available, and there are a few other free quilt alongs still listed, too, so you could make this quilt yourself.
The centerpiece of this quilt for me is the yellow fabric with roses, which is in several of the blocks. This might be my favorite fabric ever, and I only had a fat quarter of it, which was all used up in this quilt. There might be one tiny square left, but the rest of it was used up, which makes this a special quilt for me. I named it Hope for Spring, and I think the name still fits, even if it is summertime now.

As much as I love the front of the quilt, I also love the back! The backing is a bird print in a perfect blue color, which Diane the quilter was kind enough to run vertically. I know that sometimes this doesn't work, and I would have been okay if the birds had gone sideways, but this time it worked out. I auditioned several different colors for the binding, but went with this bright (but not too bright) green. I think it worked out, too.

The shadows make the quilting really apparent, but just for the record, this was quilted up in a pattern called loose leaf. I love this pattern because it's curvy and loose, which makes the quilt extra cuddly. This is important, because I am keeping this quilt for me. Yep, it's mine! I have plenty of other quilts, but this one is sure to become a favorite once the gray and cold makes its inevitable return.

So there is another bright and happy quilt, all done and out of the closet. Hurray! Speaking of getting quilts out of the closet. . .did you know that our friend Preeti has launched an Etsy shop with some real beauties for sale? You can find it HERE. Even if you aren't buying anything, it will certainly bring a smile to your face!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. After the excitement of the last week, I think we're going to hang out here and do housekeeping-type things. That bathroom floor isn't going to scrub itself, after all. I went back and read my post about the flimsy, too, which mentions brownies, so I think I also feel inspired to make a pan of those. Maybe lemon ones! Perfect for a rainy weekend. Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

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