Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hands2Help Quilt Parade Part 2

 Hello everyone, and welcome to the second part of our quilt parade for Hands2Help!

We have more eye candy this week, but just a reminder that next week, May 29, is the final link party for you all to show off your fun donation quilts. We have more than 300 quilts counted already, so I'm expecting some really pretty things to look at next week. 

While we're at it, don't forget to fill out the form so we can get a good count of all the quilts made for our challenge. The form is right HERE and has no hard questions, so you should be able to fill it out in just a minute.

Okay, on to the quilts made by non-bloggers! All of the photos were submitted by the makers, and some photos have been cropped (without cutting out any quilty goodness) and others have been made into collages using Google Photos. You should be able to click to enlarge any of these.

First up is this pretty one made by Heidee Lindsey:
So much color! Sherry Book sent this photo of three quilts:

I love those bees! These beauties went to Little Lambs.
Another beauty came from Ila:
Such beautiful colors!
Linda M. in St. Louis made 8 quilts! These went to Little Lambs:

And so did these:

And these three beauties went to Quilty Hugs:
Gorgeous, all of them!

Kat Slaby sent pictures of her three quilts:

These quilts went to an organization called Nurturing Newborns, which sounds wonderful.

Diane sent photos of ten child's quilts she created. Here are three collages:

Nice use of panels!
Adorable! And finally:

These are all really cute, and sure to be loved!

And that wraps up today's quilt parade! Thanks to all who sent pictures, and everyone who is finishing up their donation quilts. See you next week for the linkup!

Happy stitching!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Pink and green lace

Hi everyone, and welcome to summer. It may not officially be summer, but it's supposed to be 97* today, so I think that counts. I seriously hope no one gets too hot and passes out at baccalaureate tonight. I doubt that the AC in the chapel will keep up. Do you think that I can smuggle in some ice packs under my robe?

Well, thank goodness the sewing room is cooler, and I got to stitch a few things up this week. I'm catching up on the RSC projects, and I made the pink and green stars this week:

It has been so wet and rainy that I tried to take pictures earlier in the day, but they got washed out from the sun, and by the time I went back out it was very still and cloudy. This is why the colors of those leaves are so bright. But aren't they pretty with those star blocks?

I swear these were not dragging on the ground! It's an illusion.

These stitch up pretty fast, but I have discovered that I need to be really careful about seam allowances. I cut these with the Accuquilt and there is no wiggle room at all there. Believe me when I tell you that you need wiggle room for those triangles. I'm thinking seriously about making the next size up and trimming them down. Thoughts?

Above is a closer look at the green stars. I tried to go for darker green, but they weren't very twinkly, you know? I kind of prefer the black ones, if I'm honest, and I'm really glad that I'm using all yellows for the stars. It's a nice constant.

There's a lot of green in this post so far, what with all the grass and trees and such. How about a closer look at the pink stars? Here we go:

They are so festive! Pink and yellow might be my favorite colors, and I love them together. Okay, back to the greens:

For those of you who were wondering what I was doing with all those green triangles I was cutting earlier this week, these are the blocks I'm making. They're huge! They're 16 inches finished. I want to use up all those dark and medium greens I have, plus I thought I would throw in a few of those leftover dark blues just for variety. When I'm done with this quilt (which is astoundingly easy), I think I'll just turn all the rest of those scraps into squares and then. . .I don't know. You tell me.

So there we are! Just to end with a pretty pink something, I saw these out on my walk this week, very early in the morning:

I'm not sure what they are, but they are very pretty! They might be flowering pears? Don't know! 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! Stay inside and stitch, though I understand there are some people in the US who are really cold while we're really hot. Anyone remember when the weather wasn't truly weird?
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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Penguin's quilt

 Hello everyone! How is your week going? I have turned in the last of my grades and graduation is Sunday, so you could say that my week is going well. I was actually working in my sewing room a bit earlier, so it is going really well. 

Today I have a very small finish and a very small start. First up, the finish:

It's adorable, is it not? This little tiny quilt is about 8-1/2 by 10-1/2 and is for a very special stuffed animal. About 10 days ago our granddaughter was over at our house, and she told me that Penguin needed his own "qwiwt." (I can't quite capture how she says it, but this grandma thinks it's adorable.)

What is a grammy to do? Inspired by Julie's lovely story of creating with her grandson (which starts HERE), I grabbed the box of 2-inch squares and let the 3 year old pick some out and hand them to me while I put them in a little grid. As she is only 3, that's the limit of her attention span, so I stitched them up later and turned them into this little quilt, which is the perfect size for Penguin. 

Before she lost interest completely, I asked her what Penguin's favorite color is. Can you believe it's the same as hers? What were the odds? This is so small that I was able to find a purple scrap that was just big enough, and the binding is also a lavender scrap. I can't wait to give this to her. Really to Penguin, you know, but I feel sure she'll take care of it for him.

As you can imagine, that didn't take very long, but it was very rewarding. Once I was done with that, I started cutting up the medium and dark blues and greens for a new project. I really need to use these pieces up, and I finally came upon an idea that I liked that I think will work. These will make 4-inch finished hsts, so I'm hoping the quilt itself will grow really quickly. I already know that stitching these triangles together will be soothing and easy for my tired brain.

That's the story from here! I may take a small nap now, but what's happening in your corner of the world? Hope it's good!

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Hands2Help Quilt Parade Part 1

 Hi everyone, and welcome to a parade of pretty H2H quilts from non-bloggers! 

We have some really pretty things to look at today, but first an important update: I have heard from Sarah, and she is doing well and following along with our progress. I'm sure you join me in sending all our best wishes and thoughts her way. This is all of us waving wildly, Sarah, and sending you all the best!

So, now to some quilts! These are in no particular order, and are as they were sent to me, except that I did make some collages in Google Photos just to make things easier for myself when people had multiple quilts.

First up is this beauty from Barb Tazelaar. This one went to Quilty Hugs:

 Next, Pat Kattner sent a picture of several quilts that were donated to her local Meals on Wheels program:

Beauties! Next is a lovely patriotic-colored quilt from Carol Westover. The collage shows the pretty piecing and quilting, with a second shot of her cute label. It went off to Mercyful Quilts:

Mary Oliver made two beauties for her local Comfort Stitchers:

Marsha Parkhill created these three lovelies for Quilty Hugs:

Stephanie Driel created these three beauties for her local foster kids support program:

Susan Salo sent along a picture of the front of her quilt and the creative back:

No, I don't know why Google Photos stacks some of the pictures and not others. It was free, and it did a good job, and that's all I asked it to do!
Sue Trzcinski donated these three adorable quilts to Little Lambs:
Melody Ballenberg donated seven lovely quilts to Little Lambs. Here are the first four:

And the final three beauties:

I apologize that the collage creator does weird things! But they are still adorable quilts!
Juanita sent her six tops to Victoria's Quilts Canada. Here are the three collages of her tops:


 A Saguaro top! I love it! 

And the third set:

And finally for today, Kelley Stover sent along pictures of nine beauties. All of these went to a charity for Ukraine. Here are the first four:

And the next four:

And the final quilt:

That winds us up for today! Thanks to all who made these gorgeous quilts and sent in their pictures. If you sent a quilt picture and didn't see it here, it will appear in next week's parade. There is still time to send in yours as well, so get them to me this week and I'll put them into next week's post. Meanwhile, everyone show some love for these makers in the comments!

REMINDER: don't forget to add your quilts to the count using the form right HERE. We are over 150 quilts so far!

Also, don't forget that there is a linkup coming on May 29, and our challenge ends on June 5 with the prize announcements.

Happy stitching, everyone!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Hands2Help Guest Blogger Preeti!

 Hi everyone, and welcome back to Hands2Help 2022!

Today we are very lucky to have my good friend Preeti as our last guest blogger for 2022. Here is her fun project:

Many of you know Preeti from her blog Sew Preeti Quilts and her new pattern business. For those of you who really enjoy making and donating quilts, Preeti has a new quilt along starting on Memorial Day weekend, just as our challenge is ending. I'll let her tell you the details, but you will enjoy it. For now, hop on over to Preeti's to check out this fast project, and be sure to leave a note of thanks on her post, right HERE. (No, I did not know she was calling it that!)


Preeti is our last guest blogger, and the next two weeks, May 15 and May 22, will be for people who don't have blogs or IG but want to show off their quilts. If this is you, send your pictures to me so I can post them!

The linkup for everyone else to show off their quilts is coming on May 29, so get those photos ready!

Finally, when you have finished your quilts, please fill out the Count the Quilts form, right HERE! There are 38 quilts already counted, and we want to be sure to get yours counted, too!

Thanks again to Preeti, and happy stitching everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Falling into spring

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Here's how I am: my husband has a cold. Condolences gratefully accepted in the form of chocolate.

Meanwhile, I've been sniffling with allergies, reading papers, churning out the grades, and ordering books from the library so I can do some research this summer. And I also finally got around to taking some beauty shots of this finished quilt:

Hurray, another one done! I quilted this a while ago, then finally put a binding on it, and then it waited around for a bit until I finally took some pictures. I don't know why I waited so long, but it just got pushed aside in the shuffle of many things happening. Good thing I have it during this really busy week, though!

I took these pictures on a rainy day, which has happened a *lot* lately. Really, you should see the grass! But the clouds and the rain really have made everything green and have made for very bright photos. It helps that the colors stand out from all the green, too.

This was made from a pattern called Sunnyside by Myra at Busy Hands Quilts, and it is all from scraps. A friend gave me some gold fabrics, and I pulled the remaining colors from my scraps. I started it during the pandemic in 2020, finally finished assembling the top last year, and then quilted it this year. Hey, sometimes these things take time! 
As you can see, the quilt got quilted a large meander in a beige thread to make it stay nice and soft, and then it got an orange binding to coordinate with the oranges in the quilt. Not what I usually go for, but it works! With the riot of colors on the front, the backing is a nice calm beige. This quilt has been washed and is being donated to Mercyful Quilts for Hands2Help. I think it's pretty gender-neutral, it's the right size, and it's definitely cozy. I hope someone will find it comforting.

So that's another finish! And for all those of you who wanted to know why the azaleas from last week have to come out, check out the purple azalea that just bloomed:

It's really pretty, but I think you can see how incredibly overgrown and unkempt that whole area is. This plant is taller than I am, and there are no blooms or leaves near the bottom, and all of the plants in this area are really scraggly. It will look so much better when it's cleared. Not to worry, azalea lovers! The plan is to plant some new ones in the front of the house a little later this spring, where they can be seen and enjoyed and won't be choked by other plants.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend! I still have some things to finish up for the semester, then I plan to nap quite a bit. And of course, I'll be bringing tissues and drinks to the guy laying on my sofa who apparently has never before suffered like he is right now. Fun, hey?
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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hands2Help Guest Blogger Cathy!

 Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge!
Today we are lucky to have Cathy from Crazy by Design as our guest blogger. Here is her project:
Super cute and way easy! You may know Cathy from her really cute blog, and if you don't recognize the name, I know you will recognize the projects. She makes lots of quilts for donation, many of them through Quilts For Kids, and they are always darling. Hop on over to her post, right HERE, and be sure to leave a nice note of thanks on her post!

It's time to count the quilts!

So, it's now May, and our challenge ends Memorial Day weekend with our final linkup for everyone to show off their quilts. Just so everyone can be ready, I've made up the "count the quilts" form for you to fill out once you send your quilts off. I've asked for your name, but you can just use your first name or your nickname, whatever you are comfortable with. I just want to know about the quilts and be able to keep everything straight!

Find the form HERE. There is also a link on the H2H tab at the top of the page, and I'll keep posting it each week until we finish.

No hurry to fill this out! I'll close the form and get the final count on June 4, so you still have plenty of time! 

Also, a REMINDER: today is the last day to sign up. I'm closing the form in the morning, and then I'll be organizing our prizes.
One more REMINDER: if you don't have a blog or IG and want to show off your quilt, send me a picture and I'll include it in the quilt parade on May 15 and May 22. Final linkup party for everyone to show off begins May 29.

Thanks again to Cathy, and thanks everyone! Happy stitching!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Suddenly spring

 Holy cow, folks, it's the end of April. On Sunday it will be May! How in the world did that happen? Plus, one day this week I got up and suddenly the whole world looked green. The leaves have popped on the trees and we have all kinds of shade again. Many of the trees are flowering now, too. Spring has definitely sprung.

If it's the end of April, you know it's also the end of the academic year, which means I've been really busy this week. All those meetings, all that grading. . .not nearly enough stitching, but I did manage to add the pink round to my medallion quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Have a look:
I am really, really pleased with this! Who doesn't love pink polka dot fabrics? Plus, if you squint a little, it looks almost like a white ribbon waving around the quilt top.

All of the blocks in this quilt top so far are different sizes, and this block is 3 inches. For reference, the yellow round blocks are 4 inches, and the aqua are 2 inches. The actual pink block is above, for anyone who would like to make it themselves. I strip pieced everything and it was super easy, which is not always true with 3-inch blocks!

As you can see from the artsy-looking picture above, the azaleas are also blooming in the yard! I forgot about these, really. They're in a part of the yard that we are planning to clear out, and we just didn't get to it last year. I really did mean to cut them down, but it just didn't happen. Oh, well! Maybe this year? In the meantime, we'll enjoy the pretty flowers.

So, that's it for my current RSC progress. I have some of the pink stars cut out, so I'm a little behind, but I'll do those with the next color. Just as soon as I finish this grading. . .

Everyone have a great weekend. I'll be chained to my desk, but I hope that you all have some nice weather and some pretty flowers to enjoy! Here's another beauty from my forgotten garden!

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