Saturday, January 23, 2021

Patches of pink

 Hi everyone! How are things down your way, as they say? (They do say that, don't they?) Things here are going well enough. It's been a bit chillier and more seasonal for January, which is fine because it hasn't snowed. Last Wednesday I binge-watched the inauguration and all the events, so that was a fun day. I did not get my steps in that day. In the sewing room, I'm working on something I've started calling "the thousand hour project." It's darned cute, but it's taking forever!

Today I just have a few blocks to show for my RSC21 projects. Since it's January, there aren't a lot of blocks made already, but they are pink, a favorite color, and they are cute. First up are these very cute 16-patches:


I told you they were cute! It happens that I have *tons* of 1-1/2 inch squares, all in a bin, waiting to be used. This is the smallest size I save, and I keep meaning to stop saving them, but then they turn into fun things like this. 

Anyway, I got Bonnie Hunter's Winter Blues pattern, and I'm going to make it in rainbow colors. I figure that I'll just keep making these blocks through the RSC and however many I end up with will determine the final size of the quilt. (And I swear I will fix that unmatched seam in the picture above!)

The other pattern I have for this year is Sharon Holland's Saguaro pattern:

I think this is another one that will look good in rainbow colors. This one uses scraps that are juuust a bit bigger than the 1-1/2 inch squares in the other pattern, but thankfully I have scraps in all sizes. Speaking of which, I'm still looking for another block to make this year. Somehow my scrap bins have become overloaded again. I'm not sure how, though. They must be breeding in the dark!

So those are two of my RSC projects for the year! On Monday, I have to go back to classes in person. I'm both terrified and happy. Or happy and terrified. I can't decide which emotion wins. Actually, I keep bouncing back and forth between the two, but either way-- wish me luck, and cross your fingers and pray that neither my students nor I get sick. And everyone stay healthy yourselves!
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Friday, January 15, 2021

Cold, clear, and colorful

 Hello everyone! How is life in your neck of the woods? We have had a run of just incredible weather for January and it has been a joy to be outside for the last several days. Natives of the East coast here think it's cold, but it's been clear and sunny and in the 40s. Who could ask for more from January?

I have another finish to show off today! I told you I was busy over the break. When you don't have to ride off to visit the family, you can get a lot done. A silver lining of sorts, I guess. I'll warn you that there are a lot of photos here, because I am in love with this finish. Here she is:

 This is the Kaleidoscope quilt, and didn't it turn out magnificent? Not bad for a quilt kit that I picked up really cheap at a rummage sale!
For those who don't recall, I bought this kit a long time ago, waaayy back when we lived in Wisconsin and some time before I started this blog. I thought I was buying a wallhanging, but it had all the directions and fabric for a queen size quilt. The kit itself was a mess, but I straightened it out as I went. Somehow it worked out, even though the directions were super weird in some spots.
I worked on this off and on for a long time and finally finished the quilt top last year. Hurray! Then I sent it off to Alycia with a scrawled possibility for some quilting, a note that I like feathers, and another note that said she could do whatever she liked. And so she did!
The quilting here is unbelieveable and I am so, so in love with it! Just look at the quilt center! I was trying to get the texture and couldn't decide if it looked better in sunlight or shade, so you decide. It looks great either way.
Alycia must have had a great time because the whole thing is just really, really pretty. I pretty much followed a pattern and made a ton of mistakes, and she turned it into magic.

Can you tell I'm really happy? This quilt is staying with me and is on the bed in my guest room, which I cleaned off just to bring you this picture:
That bed hasn't been used in almost a whole year now, since we've been dealing with Covid, but I have high hopes that someone will be using the guest room this summer. According to our state's vaccination plan, my husband can sign up for a vaccine starting January 25, so we'll see how fast he can get in. I probably won't qualify until May (since I am so much younger and healthier! Okay, healthier at least.)
For anyone who is curious about the backing and can tear themselves away from the front, it's actually a print with stars from a snowman line of fabric. The binding is just the biggest piece that I had left from piecing the top. I wanted something lighter but there wasn't enough. Like the rest of the quilt, it worked out!

The "official" name of this pattern was Kaleidoscope of Kolor, and when I posted about it last summer when I finished the top Sue S (who is no-reply, so I didn't get to thank her) posted THIS LINK to the pattern, which is available digitally. (This would be a good time to thank all the no-reply commenters. I appreciate you, and respect that you want privacy!) I don't have another name for it, so if you have a suggestion, be sure to let me know! It looks vaguely Native American to me, but it needs a better name.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm pleased as punch about this quilt, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing it as much as I've enjoyed sharing it. Many thanks to Alycia for the fabulous quilty goodness that really made this quilt come alive. (I'll bet she could work some magic for you, too, if you ask!) Hope you all have a lovely, happy weekend full of color!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Starting with a finish

 Hi everyone! How are you doing so far in 2021? I have been doing something really unusual-- relaxing. It's a weird feeling, I've got to tell you. The machines have been cleaned, the rotary blades changed, and the I've even treated myself to a handful of new seam rippers, marking pencils, and thread snips. Oh, and I've even vacuumed the floor. That was an adventure. It's amazing what was stuck in that carpeting.

So, let's get this party started! While I was relaxing, I also finished several things, which just enhanced my relaxed state, or at least made me feel less stressed. The first thing I finished was this scrappy sampler top:

 Oh, look at those colors! This is the quilt top made from the blocks I made all year for the Color Challenge at Patterns by Jen. I made a couple of blocks a month, and it's one of the things that kept me sane, because the blocks required very little thought on my part.
I didn't really intend to put this top together, but there were the blocks, all up on the design wall, so why not? I sent a few of the blocks on to a friend to help her finish her top, so I ended up with 20, which was perfect for me.
I used a pale gray for the sashing and random squares for the cornerstones. I wasn't sure I would use a border, but this Sharon Holland print worked nicely as a frame. I think it adds to the quilt.

I think this is going to become a donation top. I measured it, but I didn't write it down, so of course I've forgotten. It's 60 something by 70 something. Not sure where it's going to go, but that's a good donation size for a lot of groups. In spite of how well this top turned out, I'm not sure that I'll do the color challenge this year. Easy blocks make me a little restless, and I am starting to feel better and more optimistic. That could change, but fingers crossed!

So, while I was out on the deck taking the photo above, a couple of deer showed up in the back yard. Apparently quilt tops attract them. Who knew? They blended really well, but you can see two of them in this picture:
And I'll leave you with that! My big "new year's resolution" is to cook better, because I'm sick of every bit of food in the house, and even if I dislike cooking, learning to do it better can't hurt. I still need practice, though, and I'm trying to decide if making cookies is "cooking." What do you think? Have a good week, friends!

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