Monday, April 7, 2014


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog.  I'm going to give this a try.  Why? Because I love fabric and color and most of my quilty friends live far away from me, and also because my family just isn't as interested in sewing as I am.  They love the finished products, but not the process.  I love the process, and I love talking about it!  So that's what I'll be doing here, and I hope you'll join in. 

To introduce myself, let's talk fabric stash.  This is mine:

Some of my friends have looked at this and said, "where's all your fabric? No, really, where's the rest of it?"  This all the fabric I have. Well, not really. I have a bunch more sorted by project in bins underneath the shelves. I'll be pulling some of those out and hoping to get some of them finished in the next few months. I feel guilty that all of this is just sitting here and waiting to be used, so I want to make some of it up into some pretty things so it can be loved too. A few months ago I folded all of the fabric onto comic book boards and found out that I have a LOT more fat quarters than I thought, so some of those will get used first.

So, that's my first post! Tell me about your stash in the comments, and come on back later this week and we'll talk projects.

Have a great day, and happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today through CrazyMomQuilts. I like your writing style and look forward to reading through the rest of your posts.

I also just started this blogging journey and it is fun to find others that are in the same space as I.

Best of luck to you with the blog!!

Anonymous said...
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Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

I have been following your blog for a while. Thought I would start at the beginning! Lol on the stash, looks quite respectable to me. Oh, I don't always comment however I always appreciate.