Monday, April 21, 2014

Finished QOV top

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a blessed Easter for those who celebrate.  Our weekend was fantastic. We had great weather and our daughter was home. It was very relaxing and we all had a lovely time together.

On Friday, I showed the blocks I was making for Kevin the Quilter's Quilts of Valor block drive. I managed to make 31 blocks from the fabric I had. This felt really good, because it takes 30 blocks to make a top. Since I had them, why not put the blocks together? Here's what it ended up looking like:

Hmmm. It looks a little wonky and odd in the picture, but I swear that it is square and lovely in person. I wanted to take a picture outside, but of course it's raining, so I pinned it to the wall near a window. Note to self: find a better place to take pictures. I will be packing this up and sending it off by the end of the week so it can be quilted up and given to a deserving veteran. Last time I looked he had gotten enough blocks and tops for 98 quilts, so I think this week he will definitely go over 100.

This was a super-easy pattern that made for a quick and easy top. Can't you see making it for other charity uses in other fabrics? Maybe some large florals with solid inserts for a women's shelter, or sized down to 6 inch blocks in bright prints for Project Linus? I think I have some ideas for later!

On another happy note, these appeared in the garden this weekend:

Spring is finally coming! Happy, happy!


Unknown said...

Very nice, Mari!

Kelly @ Sew With Kelly said...

Mari, I totally know the whole issue of "I swear. it's square!" Something to do with hanging on our wall and the type of lens we have on our looks create, flowers are beautiful too!