Friday, April 18, 2014

Quilt of Valor blocks

It's Good Friday today, and that means there will be no sewing for fun for me today. Instead, I'm making blocks to donate to the Quilts of Valor block drive being hosted by Kevin the Quilter.  So far he's gotten enough blocks for 78 Pathway of Valor quilts! If you'd like to join the drive and make some blocks, all of the instructions and rules are right there on his blog.

The blocks for this block drive are so simple.  Start with a pile of red, white, blue, and gold fabrics.

These are Kona cotton solids from my stash.

Cut one 11 inch by 12 1/2 inch piece of one color, and a 2 1/2 by 12 1/2 strip of a different color.

Easy peasy.

Then make a straight cut randomly along the 11 inch edge of the larger piece of fabric.

You can make this cut anywhere along the fabric edge.  No need to measure.  It looks better when the blocks are put together if the stripes are staggered, so this is the one case where not measuring is better than measuring.

Then it's just a matter of sewing two quick straight seams to insert the stripe between the two first color pieces. I pressed the seams away from the stripe, but it doesn't matter which way they're pressed because there will be no matching when the quilts are assembled. Here's the final block:

And, literally half an hour later, here's a happy pile of multi-colored blocks:

They're going to look great together! Here's a little tip, though--don't make too many of the same color all in a row, or else you can mix up the side pieces and end up with weird sized blocks that have to be ripped out and resewn. Ask me how I know this.

I'm planning to make as many as I can from this pile of fabric as my donation to the cause. These take almost no time at all and turn out looking really dynamic in a quilt.

Everyone have a blessed day and a very happy Easter!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The blocks ARE fun to make. Kevin has 98 quilts worth so far, gotta get it past 100,