Friday, May 16, 2014

Scrap happy

Whew! It has been a long week. Why does everyone seem to think smashing in "one more thing" would be good and helpful? There's not enough week to do it all. But we all lived through it!

Along with managing all my "stuff," I finished the Vin du Jour project this week.

 I used a piano key border, and that made me remember why I don't do piano key borders very often. Holy cow, those corners gave me fits! I first made them and they were way too big, then I remade them and they were still too big, and then I finally just trimmed them down so that they fit the border. I should have just made miters, but I thought that would take too long. I am really happy with the way it turned out and really, really pleased that I used those scraps. I have four 2 inch squares of the yellow left, along with some random strings of the other fabrics. That's it! Good use of fabric, wouldn't you say?

Not sure if I will quilt this myself or take it to the longarmer. It's about 49 by 49, right at the edge of what I feel comfortable quilting on my machine. Plus, the border is pretty stretchy, so I will probably take it to Diane. I guess I made up my mind while typing that sentence.

I also made my green triangle blocks for the Rainbow Scrap challenge:

It was very gray outside when I took this picture, so I think that affected the colors. The one on the left is not nearly as light as it appears in the picture.  Here they are with all their colorful friends:

This will be a pretty quilt! I like it already.

Since May's color is green, I think I might find something to do with this strip set:

This was a "candy bar" set I got from my local quilt shop quite a while ago. I'll bet I can think up something fun to do with it. Any ideas?

Everyone have a good weekend! We will have commencement and such to do, then I really have to do some heavy cleaning around here. Maybe I'll even clean the sewing room. Who knows what I'd find there? The only sewing I'll get to do is garment sewing. Why don't workout clothes have pockets? I need them!

Linking to Sarah, Amanda, and Scrappy Saturday again. You should go on over and take a look at the great eye candy!


Quilt Musings said...

Your Vin du Jour project is beautiful! And those blocks - yummy! They are just wonderful :)

sophie said...

I definitely would have just mitered those corners on your beautiful Vin du Jour quilt ... I'm lazy that way ;-)

I love the little triangle squares--they looks so happy together out in the sunshine.

Nell's Quilts said...

Great quilt top. I'm with you on having it quilted on the long arm. There's just so much fabric a regular machine handles comfortably. Your triangle squares are so happy looking even on a grey day.

carolegoldquilts said...

What fun, bright colours on a drab day. I like the idea of a rainbow scrap challenge. Is it an online thing? Your finished top is lovely. I like the colours you combined.

scraphappy said...

Your RSC blocks are just too pretty. I love the way you have displayed them too. What a happy quilt it will be at the end.

Bonnie said...

Your piano key border is wonderful. It really goes well with the quilt. Yea! For a great finish. I have to say I love your little (?) blocks. They look so bright and cheerful together. A nice contrast to a gloomy day.

Sheila said...

Love your piano key border.
RSC blocks will be a great quilt.