Friday, August 22, 2014

Crazy week!

Well, this has been a crazy week. Just insane. Looking around, though, it seems like a lot of people had the same experience this week, so I don't feel so bad. Are you like me, and the most annoying part of weeks like this are the parking issues? EVERY day. Let's get it together, people!

I managed to finish two blocks this week. Two blocks! I'm actually really happy I finished anything given all the chaos, so here is my green Odd Fellow's block:

I swear this is square!
Well, he's a cheerful fellow, even if he is odd! This one is made from scraps of one of my favorite greens of all time. It's a few years old and was a part of the Sunshine line by April Cornell. I've hoarded the scraps and finally used a bunch here. I think it's very festive. I was thinking that I never would have set out to make an Odd Fellow's quilt without the scrap challenge, but making two a month is really manageable. Not that I'm fully caught up or anything.

There is also this final bright green 9-patch for the other rainbow quilt.

Also quite cheerful! And finished!

That was my crazy week, friends. Hope yours was more productive!

Linking with Sarah and Amanda Jean and also Angela. Stop by and say hi! And everybody have a very relaxing weekend--we all deserve it!


  1. Mari - what a great quilt block! Odd fellows is new to me. Love that green too!

  2. Wonderful greens. I love your fabrics. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow. The first block reminds me of the Nearly Insane blocks/quilt I am making. Those greens are fantastic. Really match the RSC14 month

  4. The Odd Fellows block is anything but odd - the starburst effect is quite dramatic. Looking forward to seeing this green with the others.

  5. Lovely, your limes are cheerful!

  6. So glad the RSC is helping to keep you making your Odd Fellows. So many pieces, but oh so pretty! Hope the parking is straightened out soon.

  7. Oh! I think those Odd Fellows will end up to be an Awesome Fellow.


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