Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Project updates

Hello all! How is your week going? I really meant it last week when I said it was crunch time. Seems like I have more to do than I have had all summer! Somehow it always gets done, but I have no idea how that happens. Must be magic.

Last week I offered the leftover triangles from the fields and furrows finish to a reader who would use them. Several people were interested, and I pulled Joanne's name out of the box. Thanks for taking those off my hands! They are on their way to you.

Now that the fields and furrows quilt is done and all those HSTs are out of here, I am left with finishing the aqua triangles and Dancing Nines quilts.  (And Celtic Solstice--I know, I know. . . that's another post.) I am still putting the sashing on the aqua triangles. It is tedious, but I like how it's turning out.  Forgot pictures, but I promise some when it's together.

For Dancing Nines, I have 20 blocks together! Yay me! However, I decided to go ahead and make some more. I have these blocks:

This isn't stitched together, but it was supposed to be one of the centers of the Burgoyne Surrounded blocks. I figure that I can cut down the pieces, stitch them together, and have enough 9 patches for 4 more dancing nines blocks. Then I have these pieces:

These are leftover strips that the 9 patches were originally made from. They're already stitched together, so why not make a few more blocks? They certainly aren't going to do anyone any good if they're left over again! So we'll see how many more I can get out of them and how I can configure the quilt center. I am exciting about this quilt, so I'm happy to be working on it.

Another project going on here is baby quilts for my neighbor's kids, who are each expecting babies this fall. I let her choose a couple tops to be quilted up for them, and this is one:

I made the blocks a few years ago as part of a block of the month. As usual, I didn't like the final layout, so I used the other 8 blocks in a different layout and had these left over. They've been in the orphanage for a while, but we pulled them out this weekend and they look great! I didn't have any of the original fabric left, but I was able to find a couple scraps for the corners and the center block, and I think the teddy bear border works well. The colors aren't exactly the same, but they are close--and very cheerful!

My neighbor also chose the kick blocks quilt, if you remember that one from earlier this summer. Here's a reminder:

So, I need to quilt up those two and get them ready for baby showers in September. They're not my grandchildren, but I'm very excited about their arrival!

So, that's my agenda for this week. I want to get those quilt centers done really soon so I can finish both of those quilts in the next couple of weeks. Time is of the essence here. Someone also asked me whether the Fiesta Pinwheels top was quilted yet. In case you're also wondering, it's not done yet. My quilter's mother passed away, so there has been a very understandable delay that I am absolutely okay with. Never fear, though, the quilt is in the queue and will be done soon enough.

We are having another great summer day today. Hope you are too!

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Tanya Quilts in CO said...

The baby quilts look precious! Good luck on quilting them.

Leanne Parsons said...

I love both of those baby quilts. The teddy bear border is absolutely perfect. Have fun finishing them up!

Kris said...

Those are both just adorable.

RobinLovesQuilting said...

That first full quilt is so whimsical and fun, I love love love it. Also, I love the term "orphanage" for blocks without a quilt top yet. And I must admit, I envy you for having tops lying around to quilt - Whenever a quilt-worthy friend announces a pregnancy in my life, I go immediately into panic mode and try to frantically piece something new while still finishing the quilt the LAST person to announce she was pregnant. Right now I am four months late on my niece's quilt, and the clock is still ticking.

Lorna McMahon said...

Oh, I do love me a baby quilt, and these two tops are simply adorable! Can't wait to see them all quilted up! How sweet of you to make them for your expected new neighbors, Mari!