Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Very short update

A very short post today. I'm still not into the "new" routine, and I have at least 4 hours of paperwork/ other desk work to finish today. We were supposed to become a paperless society by now, but all that means really is that the "paper" has moved to the computer. And here I thought we were actually being promised less work. Silly me.

Here is what I plan to finish this week--the Dancing Nines top! Here is the center:

Yes! All those 9-patches are sewn up! The top is thrown over the fence, so it's actually a little bigger. And they do look like they're dancing!

I have to dig through my fabric and find a stop border, then I can put on the pieced 4-patch border, which has been making me crazy. I finally figured out that I didn't actually have to make 4-patches, just piece together the string of red and white cuts to make the finished measurement. D'oh! (Insert Homer Simpson voice here!)

Anyway, hope everyone is having a really productive week. Here's wishing for less paperwork for everyone!

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Lara B. said...

Mari, it looks like it is coming along great so far!
There will always be paperwork - pulp or digital, sigh.

Lorna McMahon said...

Love the red/black/white palette for this pattern, Mari! Your top looks fabulous, sew far. Can't wait to see it with the borders!

Jennifer Price said...

I LOVE this quilt! The 9-patches look like they are having fun. I always worry about doing quilts like this because I think my eyes would go buggy. But I love the outcome! Who is it for?

Becca said...

I like the dancing nine-patch. Such a simple design that has so much movement. Thanks for sharing! I think I may need to do one of these with some of my scraps. Thanks for the inspiration!