Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let's finish this!

Hi folks! I hope you all are having a great day. I had a great time at my conference and can relax a little bit now that my presentation is over.  It's always nerve-wracking for me, like taking a test, so I'm happy that it went well. 

First, congratulations to Rose, who has adopted my orphan project! Thanks to everyone for entering. It's amazing how great it feels to have that out of here.

Back in the sewing room, it's time to really push and get this Kaleidoscope quilt finished (and come up with a new name for it).  To that end, I've made the last of the four different blocks I needed:

Those are pretty good-looking, I think. I'm also putting together the "hopscotch" border, which is actually pieced into the quilt in sections along with even more log cabin blocks:

These are super-easy, because once again I'm ignoring the instructions and constructing them in a much more logical way. I have three more of these sections to make and then the border is done!

Finally, I cut the border pieces and the appliques for the border:

These are freezer paper appliques.  A lot of turning and basting to do! Still, this makes me happy, because it looks like progress.

So that's my big thing for this week, trying to finish this up.  I've been thinking that it would look very nice on my bed, so it would be great to have it all finished by the fall when it gets cold again.

It's pouring rain again here, so I think I'll go sew.  I really need to trim the bushes out front, but it's just been too wet!  Wish I could send this out to my friends and relatives in the droughts out West.  Oh, and I forgot that I need to go fabric shopping for the Floors quilt--  I think I'll have to do that too!

Happy sewing, everyone!

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  1. I am glad everything went well. I love the colors you used for these blocks. They look so happy. Love to see the finished quilt.

  2. Love your blocks! And I had to laugh when I read your comment about ignoring the instructions. It sounds just like me! In fact, I almost never use patterns. I like figuring out things on my own. So many patterns I have looked at were not done in the most common sense way either.

  3. Love the block and the fabrics you've chosen. I'm not one for following instructions either xx


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