Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall forest

Hi everyone!  How was your week?  Ours was very, very busy.  It was so busy that I was surprised that today is Friday.  If you know where all my time went, let me know, because I definitely need it back!

So this is my big finish for the week:

A "fall forest" table runner!

There is a semi-entertaining story behind this piece.  It was inspired by this post from Amanda at crazy mom quilts. I love the Bright Birch Trees pattern and have been intending to make one for a while.  I had these pieces left over from the bargello table runner I made for my sister-in-law:

These were big pieces!  At first I thought I'd make a pillow out of them, but then I decided to use them in a version of the bright birch trees.

These worked great!  Except for two things: 1) even though they were big pieces, there was only enough for 5 blocks, and 2) there is no pattern so simple that I can't mess it up.  And mess it up I did, friends.  I kept getting the pieces turned around and swapping parts of different blocks.  (This would not have happened if I had used different background colors, like the pattern.) It was a hot mess. At one point I gave up, but I hate to waste fabric, so the next day I picked up the seam ripper and went to town.

Yep, I'm going to have to cut that again!

Eventually I worked it out enough that I could have a long table runner.  The blocks are not trimmed the way they should be, but they were going to be a table runner, so I think that's okay.  I actually didn't measure almost anything and just eyeballed the blocks when I trimmed at the end.  I know this is wrong, but I just couldn't help myself!

At the end, I had one strip left over and I didn't want to let it go to waste, so I made a small block and just attached it like any other block.  I don't think anyone can tell, and I didn't waste that strip!  That always makes me feel like I've won.

Overall, I like how this turned out.  I think it looks like trees with the leaves just turning in the fall.  It was also a good learning experience for me.  Really, there is not a pattern I can't mess up, but I can usually make it turn out okay.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Once again, we will be busy as all get out.  Stitch a few seams for me, because I know I won't be able to!

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  1. I smiled when I read your line about a pattern you can't mess up cause that is exactly how I feel! I love your table runner and I bet no one will see any mistakes (if there are any) except for you. It looks really cool; I love all the bright colors you used.

  2. It's never a mistake hon, it's a unique creative difference. the runner is gorgeous. I love the colours and the inspiration behind it xxx

  3. I don't think improv is wrong. No, you didn't mess up. You improvised. And it looks wonderful. I have that Bright Birches pattern, too. Someday...

  4. Your runner is beautiful, Mari!!!
    I have been inspired by Birch pattern too. It is very tempting and also addictive. Once you make one of those blocks, you cannot stop.
    Ask me, how I know :-)

  5. Great way to utilze that leftover strata. And you did not mess up - you simply employed creative opportunities!!

  6. Just getting to some blog reading this morning, I also have the birch tree boat tern of Amanda's and hope to use it....someday....

    Maybe this week will be calmer for you so you dawn find a little time to se. I haven't sat at the sewing machine for days. I was actually home all day yesterday but couldn't find the mood to sew, which is really unusual for me. Maybe today. Mom gets released today. ☺️


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