Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Intricate Stitches--Purple again

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Intricate Stitches quilt block of the month! This month's color is purple tending toward gray, with another lovely green accent.  Green is one of my favorite colors, so let's put a bit of it in this block, okay?  This month's block turns out beautifully and is not difficult to construct, but it does include a partial seam in it's construction, so be sure to read all of the directions before starting.  I promise that it's not too difficult!

Here is the block:

This is Double Aster, another Nancy Cabot block from the 1930's.  It's number 4206 in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia. Asters are very pretty and are the "official" flower for September, which is my birthday month, which means that I like them very much.  This block takes longer to describe than to sew, so let's get going!


You will need 2 purples, at least one green, and a yellow scrap, plus a background.  I used a deep purple, a lighter purple, and two different greens, plus a scrap of yellow for the center.  I used the different greens because I wanted to use up some pieces, but you could definitely use the same green and have the block turn out great. You could also make the center green, or the background color, instead of yellow.  Also, some of these may seem oddly cut, but cutting them this way keeps the grain lines correct and makes the cutting easier.  Feel free to adjust the cutting as you deem necessary!

From the dark purple, cut:

One 7-1/4 inch square
(If you don't have a piece this large you could cut 2 5-1/8 inch squares instead)

From the lighter purple:

2 3-7/8 inch squares

From the green:

2 5-3/8 inch squares* (the lightest green)
1 4-1/4 inch square (in my block, the darker green)
2 2-3/8 inch squares (lighter green)

*These squares are used for the corners of the block.  I chose to use green, but you could use yellow, white, or a pale purple for your block.

From the white:

3 4-1/4 inch squares
2 2-3/8 inch squares

From the yellow:

One 2-5/8 inch square.


It's all about making units and combining them!  The first unit is green half-square triangles.  Take one of the white 4-1/4 inch squares and the (darker) green 4-1/4 inch square.  Cut each of these from corner to corner twice to make 4 smaller triangles.

Pair the triangles and stitch to make 4 half-square triangles.  Pro tip:  If you stack the two squares together and then cut, the triangles will be properly paired already. The hsts should be 2-5/8 inch square.

Next, take another white 4-1/4 inch square and cut it the same way, corner to corner twice.  Add one of the resulting small triangles to the top of the green hsts as shown:

Note that the seam allowance of the triangle hangs over the edge.  Align the pieces along the right edge and it will be fine.

First unit finished! You should have 4 of these units. Put these aside for now.

The next unit is the main flower unit.  Take the (lighter) green 2-3/8 inch squares and 2 white 2-3/8 inch squares and cut them in half once diagonally to make two triangles.  Pair the triangles as shown and stitch:

Make 4 of these.

Next, take the remaining white 4-1/4 inch square and cut it in half twice diagonally to make 4 triangles.  Arrange these triangles and the units you just made as shown and stitch:

Moving right along!  The next step is to take the lighter purple 3-7/8 inch squares and cut each of them in half diagonally once to make 2 triangles.  Arrange these triangles and the previous units as shown and stitch:

Only one more step in the flower units!  Take the darker purple 7-1/4 inch square and cut it twice diagonally to make 4 triangles.  Arrange each of these triangles with the previously made units as shown and stitch to make 4 flower squares:

These units should measure 4-3/4 inches square. Take a second to admire these units, then arrange them with the hst units made previously as shown and stitch:

All the units are made!  On to the assembly of our block.


Take the green 5-3/8 inch squares and cut them each once diagonally to make 4 triangles.  Arrange these, the yellow 2-5/8 inch square, and the units you just made as shown:

The final assembly is not difficult, but does require some attention.  First, take one of the flower units and the yellow square.  Put a pin in the yellow square from the right hand edge over about 1 to 1-1/4 inches.  This measurement doesn't have to be precise but should be just less than half the length of the yellow square.

Stitch to the pin and STOP.  Backstitch a couple of stitches to keep the seam from coming apart in handling.  This is your partial seam which makes it possible to construct the rest of the block. The left edge of the flower unit should be free.

Add the second flower unit as shown.  You should stitch a full seam here.  Do the same with the third flower unit.

For the final flower unit, join it to the piece with a full seam.  Fold the free edge of the first flower unit away from the piece to give you access to stitch this seam.

After the fourth flower unit is added, return to the first unit, fold it over to match the seams, and finish stitching the partial seam.  You should now have a complete flower unit where all the seams are secure.

Eep!  I'd better press that better!  Bad quilter!

The final step is to add the remaining triangles to the corners.  Give your block a good press, stand back, and admire!

I think this block would look spectacular with the pink flower block from last month!  A whole garden of lovely flowers.

This is block 9 for the quilt, and August is a two-block month so that we can end up with 12 blocks for the quilt.  Block 10 is coming up on August 16, so have fun with this one and come back for the next exciting installment!

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Sara said...

That is a gorgeous block. I love the colors you've used.

Bernie Kringel said...

Mari, this is such a pretty block. However, it is not one that I could handle. You make it look so easy but I know better!
Somehow I totally forgot it was a new month and I had not even checked the color for August. Purple! That will be a fun one.

Jo said...

I am loving this block! And it's all the sweeter because my birthday is in September as well!! September 16.
I love your choice of colors. Definitely putting this on the bucket list.

Jo said...

I am loving this block! And it's all the sweeter because my birthday is in September as well!! September 16.
I love your choice of colors. Definitely putting this on the bucket list.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Nice block. I really like your color scheme. Thanks for the tutorial.

Preeti Harris said...

That is one intricate, complicated blocks, with partial seams and then some more. You are so diligent and your color choices are just perfect.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That is such a pretty block, in the colors you chose! Even though I haven't been making your blocks, I may have to give that one a try just for fun!

KaHolly said...

It's stunning! Thanks for the tutorial. Some rainy day I just might have to give this a try. Asters are starting to bloom up here right now! XO

Ivani said...

Gorgeous block! thanks for the tutorial Mari.
Have a great weekend!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Another fabulous tutorial. Thanks for taking the mystery out of this block!

Deb A said...

I love this block and what a great tutorial. Darn it... I might have to make a few. Three would make a lovely table runner.

Libby in TN said...

Looking good! And thanks for the tutorial. I've made the Debbie Caffrey version (don't remember what she calls it) but without the little green point.

gayle said...

Oh, thanks for the tutorial! Very clearly presented and a beautiful block!
I'm going to have to make at least one of these, and I'm thinking it might be an excellent choice for the RSC for next year.

PaulaB quilts said...

Another fine tutorial for a lovely block in aster colors. Mari, my granddaughter was in a high school theater camp last week ai Whitewater and we went to the final production. Is that where you taught? A lovely campus and college town.

make.share.give said...

Beautiful! I love your tutorials.

JanineMarie said...

Okay, this is my favorite one so far! I love the way the triangles seem to weave around eachother like the petals opening. And the colors take me right back to my bedroom when I was a teenager. I had a pale version of the green for walls and curtains and a purple/green floral bedspread. I still love that combination of colors!