Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The end of a great year

Hi everyone!  Well, we are at the end of another year!  Hard to believe that the end of this week is Christmas and then really soon after that it will be 2017.  2017!  How did that happen? With the end of the year, it's time to look back at some of the highlights and things I've learned this year.  And at the quilts, too, of course!

2016 was a year of big changes for our family, mostly for the best. We added to our family, finally bought a new house, and are still settling in to a new neighborhood.  We like our property and our neighbors and are generally very happy here.  And let's not forget to mention the more than $500 raised in the Gratitude Sale! So here are some of the highlights and some of my favorites from 2016.

I always have trouble picking a "favorite" quilt, or a "best" one, but this year there is no contest!  There are two sewing projects that are not only high points for 2016 for me, but mark major life events as well.  The first is the Friends in the Forest quilt:

Friends in the Forest

I still love it! This is the quilt that I made for our first grandson, who was born this year.  He is, of course, the world's most amazing baby, and a complete joy.  This may have been his first quilt, but I'm pretty sure it won't be his last!

The second high point was much less quilty, but still involved some sewing:

This is a little bit of sentimental stitching that I made for our daughter, who got married earlier this year.  So much happiness!  I made this small purse and a bouquet wrap from her grandmother's wedding gown.  It was such a wonderful day, and the newlyweds still seem to be over the moon.

So those were the two highest points of the year, but there were a lot of other things to be happy about!  There's one quilt that I learned so very much from--the Intricate Stitches block of the month.  Picking a favorite block is like picking a favorite child, but I do love the center medallion:

Intricate Stitches Center Medallion

If that's not intricate, I don't know what is!  I'm still finishing this top, but this is already one of my favorite quilts ever.  I'm planning to quilt it up myself because I like it so much and want to spend some more time with it.  Plus I'm planning another intricate quilt! (Just for me, though, not as a quilt along.)  I love this quilt, and I liked writing the tutorials and seeing your pictures, too.  I hope you have had as much fun making this quilt as I have.  And there's a new BOM coming for 2017--not very intricate but very fun!  (More details soon!)

I also had a lot of fun making this quilt:

A Bear Paws Through the Woods

This is the Modern Bear Paw pattern from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  This was so fun to make and I love the multicolored blocks.  This one is becoming part of my Grandma stash and I can't wait until my tiny grandson gets *his* paws on it!

There are so many other quilts I loved and learned from!  I loved participating in the blog hops and exchanges and such, and I've loved getting to know all of you.

Autumn Jewels

Thanks so much to everyone for coming along, leaving comments, making some Intricate Stitches blocks, and just generally being a supportive and fun community.  I'm seriously grateful for all of you and I hope you've had as much fun learning and sharing with me as I have with you.


With that, we are putting 2016 in the archives!  The hubs and I are planning on spending the next couple of weeks visiting family, eating in restaurants, watching movies, and generally relaxing.  Plus, we're going to spend some time with this tiny human:

Isn't that a great picture?  I hope that all of you have lovely holidays that make you feel warm and fuzzy no matter which ones you celebrate, and a lot of fun and rest with family and friends!  Merry Christmas and see you next year!

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  1. What a lovely lot of memories and photos. Beautiful work too. Your grandson is a treasure. Hope he doesn't pull the tree down..
    Hope you have the safest and happiest Xmas you can imagine. Take care and enjoy your family...

  2. I love all the quilts that you have shared with us this year. You've been an amazing inspiration to me. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  3. Sharing our quilting journey is always fun and rewarding, and getting support from our community makes it even better! You had a year full of beautiful quilts! Enjoy your holidays, traveling and visiting!

  4. What a lovely post Mari. I have enjoyed following along with your adventures throughout the year. It has been a really big year for you, for sure! It will be nice to settle into your home, finish up the remodel and let things be. Wishing you a wonderful year in 2017.

    By the way, my curiosity is piqued with the mention of the BOM.... hmmm, when will we find out more about that?

  5. 2016 looks like it has been a great year for you! I can't wait to see what amazing things 2017 will bring as well. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Snuggle up all the little baby time you can :)

  6. applause applause! What a fun post Mari
    and the baby picture....oooooooooo little baby fingers and toes.....
    I am just smitten with your bear quilt too. LeeAnna

  7. I love them all - and the bright bear paw - Oh My Gosh! Is that fantastic!!

  8. Some awesome accomplishments but of course your lovely grandson is the highlight. Here's to a fantastic 2017.

  9. This post has brought a lot of joy to me today, Mari! What a sweet photo of your grandson enjoying all the wonder of his first Christmas. Your quilts are all a delight and I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring from you in your talented sewing room. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  10. Gorgeous quilts with such great memories! You had a very successful 2016. Wishing you an equally successful 2017.

  11. I love seeing your 2016 successes. I can't pick a favorite they are all so different, but the wedding purse might just be the winner. Hoping to see more of your projects in 2017.

  12. The modern bear paw is just fabulous in rainbow colors. Love the simple JOY quilt as well. Have a happy 2017.

  13. You have some amazing finishes! and that baby! Aren't grandkids the best thing ever?

  14. What a wonderful way to recap a year filled with so much joy! I hope you have a lovely last week of 2016 and a wonderful 2017.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful year!! I love all the projects you shared. :-)

  16. What wonderful quilts and quilt tops for 2016! Thanks for linking up to the Best of 2016 linky party!

  17. What great finishes, so fun and colorful. Happy New Year!

  18. Wonderful quilts - you should be very proud of the 2016 finishes! Happy New Year


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