Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stashing from the sofa

Hi everyone!  I don't do a "stash enhancement" post very often, but last week I was plenty sick and spent a couple of days holed up on the sofa watching bad movies and reading waaayyy too much garbage on the Internet.  It also happens that I purchased a number of things from the sofa, a nice perk that the Internet has gifted us with.  It's truly a great time to be alive--you can order almost anything (including this) and it will appear at your door.  I think you can guess what I ordered.  The mailman has been bringing pretty things all week, and I thought I'd share!

First, did you know that there are actual fabric stores on Etsy?  True fact!  I knew that people sold fabric through Etsy but I generally thought they were selling off their own unwanted pieces.  Nope--there are some like that, but there are also many full service, new fabric stores.  I learned this when my friend Bernie at Needle and Foot expanded her shop to carry new lines of fabric.  I got a number of pieces from Bernie's shop, including these:

The houses are Village in neutral from the Maker, Maker line by Sarah Golden for Andover.  It's a linen/cotton blend that feels fairly stiff just off the bolt, so I plan to wash it before I use it.  To coordinate with it I got a piece of Small Letters in gray from the Basically Low line. I think these look good together!  I'm going to use them to make something just for myself.  What an idea, huh?

I also got these from Bernie's shop:

These pieces are Hip to Be Square by Kim Schaefer for Andover fabrics and Color Weave Textured Solid by PB Textiles.  These are both lovely additions to the stash, and Kim Schaefer's fabric feels amazing.  I may go back and get the panel that goes with this because it's very cute, too.

Finally, I got this bundle of Modern Tykes by Kim Diehl:

This is such cute fabric!  The birds and the dots are both bigger than anticipated, but I like them a lot.  There are some other pieces in the line, too, and they are equally nice.  This bundle is for a special project coming up in March.

I visited a couple of other shops, too.  I got these two pieces from The Red Hen Shop:

This is Hungry Animals Alphabet by Quilting Treasures and Colorfully Creative by Riley Blake and Crayola.  These feel great, too!  Plus I got a couple of yards of this:

This is City Life by Quilting Treasures and I don't really have a project for it, but who could resist?

I didn't get a picture, but I do also want to mention that I found a nice piece of the dark green that I'm using in my Steps to the Garden blocks from Auntie B's Quilts Etc. shop, and Barbara was very nice to work with.  And I was grateful that I found what I needed!

The last piece of my sofa  purchases were these 4 panels from Northcott:

These 4 panels are just called "Connector Playmats" by Deborah Edwards and they go together to create a road. The genius part of it is that you can put them together in any order and the roads will connect up!  You also don't need to have all of the panels to make something  good-looking and fun.  There are panels for a railroad and a town, and also a marina and an airport.  And each panel has the most important place--a quilt shop!

These are just darling, and I'll bet you can guess what I'll be doing with them as soon as my tiny grandson gets a bit bigger and stops chewing on cars and starts running them on "roads."

I don't think I'm expecting anything else from the mail carrier, but I think I had enough fun, don't you? (If only I could remember all of it.)  I'll be working on these for a while, I think.

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Hope you get some stitching in!

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  1. Wow. You can't afford to get sick very often. Hope you are feeling better very soon. I'm sure this shopping spree helps. Take care and have fun stitching...

  2. All fantastic fabrics you bought. Yes, Etsy has many fabric stores. Some will even sell just a fat quarter, whereas online web stores usually have a 1 yard minimum purchase. It's so easy to get hooked on Etsy, lol :)

  3. Thanks for these links. I too did not know there were fabric stores on Etsy. Love your choices, so varied and colourful too. Happy Stitching!

  4. Ohh you got some really wonderful fabrics!!!!!

  5. How much fun are those?? That City Life one is really cool!

  6. Love the buildings with greenery growing on their rooftops! And that low volume small letters is just wonderful. Hope you are feeling better - I'm barely up and about after mine.

  7. So glad you enjoyed your time on the couch!! I look forward to seeing what you make with the Maker Maker Village piece. When I washed a 1/2 yard of it, it softened to a very nice textured feel - it has great body. It did shrink up a bit with that linen in the blend.

    I LOVE the City Life piece - that one is so much fun!!

  8. You got so many pretty fabrics. I'm sure they will come in handy when you are feeling well enough to stitch. Take care and get well soon.

  9. Thank you so much for mentioning my shop ! I hope you will feel better soon and look forward to seeing what you make of all that beautiful fabric ! Take care!

  10. I got two yards of the birds fabric from Bernie! I. Could. Could. Resist!!! It is soooo cute! I love the City Life fabric by Quilting Treasures. I may have to do some shopping from my sofa. That is such a pretty fabric. For what I do not know, but it's one of those "have to have its"!!!
    You got some nice stash!

  11. Looks like being DOWN with a bug / flu etc. you fought the good fight with the brightest, cheeriest, most uplifting fabrics you could find. Very good strategy :)

  12. You purchased some great pieces. My favorite is that City Life piece. Wow!

  13. Sorry you were not feeling well, but what fun you had. I know it must have been a struggle pushing all those buttons. That City Life fabric is awesome and those little (big) birdies are adorable.

  14. Hope you are feeling lots better. It seems everyone has been sick lately. You did some amazing stash enhancement from the couch. I really love those last panels. That's going to be a very fun quilt when it's done.

  15. I really like the This is City Life piece - been eyeing that one myself1

  16. So much eye candy. I can trust you to make the most of an unpleasant situation :-)
    I have to go check Bernie's Etsy shop.

  17. It can get expensive being sick now a days. It was so nice of you to visit and purchase from so many shops. Love all the fabric choices you received.

  18. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. I bought fabric when I was in the lady's room one time. Seriously!

    Check out Material Girl Chic on Etsy. Definitely one of my favorite fabric shops.

    Pugs and kisses,

  19. I just found fabric shops on Etsy too! About the same price if I buy them in Australia, as buying them from Hancock's and paying shipping to Australia. I'd rather keep my money in Oz.

    I saw someone had just finished a quilt with all those little houses... it might have been called City Life. Give it a google, I read it on a blog. xo


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