Friday, June 20, 2014

Fiesta Friday

Fiesta Pinwheels is now a finished top! Check it out:

It's not scrappy, but it sure is yellow!

I love, love, love this quilt. It was so cheerful to work on, especially when I was assembling the final top and it was raining like crazy.  It was simple sewing, with big pieces and easy shapes. If I were in a real hurry and had some time, I could easily have finished the top in a weekend. The original quilt pattern was made in neutrals, but you could seriously make this in any colors and have it look fantastic.  As a commenter helpfully pointed out, it's the value that does all the work, while color gets the credit. I am seriously considering making another one with rainbow scraps. Because, you know, I don't have enough projects. (The initial post on this quilt is HERE.)

Here's one little tip I learned about batiks: if you like the fabric, buy a big enough piece to use in a project, a yard or more. I didn't have quite enough of the green, so I went back to get another piece. Turns out the color variations between bolts of batiks can be huge, even if they're the same color from the same manufacturer. I like the variation it gives across this quilt, but if things like that bother you, buy enough from one bolt so you won't need to get more that could be a lot different. So, that's my tip--spend more money.

Green variations in one block. See what I mean?

That was the big finish for this week, but I also found some more yellows to  make a couple more triangle blocks for RSC14:

The palest yellow there is a bit of a Kona solid called Butter. This is one of my favorites. I've used it for backgrounds in several quilts. I keep thinking it's a little too light for the triangle quilt, but every quilt needs variety, so I'm keeping it for now.

It has been raining here all week, so the photos are a little gray this week. I know as soon as I post this the sun will come out, so I'd best get to it!

Even the daylilies are tired of the rain!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you get to do something fun!

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scraphappy said...

I really like the Fiesta Pinwheel pattern. I might try it in a 6 inch size -- too cute. Hope the yellow will keep you cheered up until the rain passes.

Karen said...

This is a bright and happy quilt. I love the pattern.

Marly said...

Fiesta pinwheels is a good name; it's so bright and happy, and what a straightforward pattern. Your lilies are a beautiful yellow too, despite the rain!

Nell's Quilts said...

What a great quilt - so cheery and bright. It makes you feel like you're on a Caribbean vacation just looking at it. Great work.

Debi said...

Love your Fiesta quilt top. I agree, it certainly is yellow or bring sunshine! Lovely Butter blocks and luscious daylilly.

Sheila said...

Love your happy, colorful quilt top!

LA Paylor said...

that's more fabric!!

Deb A said...

Now I know where that fiesta pinwheel came from! What a great quilt - love the bright yellow. I agree - the butter yellow will be fine in the quilt - the variety of values helps to make it sing.

Marsha Cooper said...

I love yellow so I think it's gorgeous.