Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Triangle finish

Hi all! Hope you are having a great day. Fall has arrived with a bang here. Temperatures are plunging, and we're expecting some heavy rain. The local weather guy has even said the F-word: frost. In September! Perhaps that will kill all the ragweed, though, and we can venture outdoors again without fear.

Before I forget, you should hop on over and see Julie's Around the World Blog Hop post right HERE. She has some great projects in progress. Another favorite blogger, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, also has a similar post, so go check her post out too. (When you're done with this one, of course!)

Sewing-wise, things are moving right along. I got another section finished for the Ocean Waves quilt, but it looks pretty much exactly the same as the other sections, so no new pictures. Same for the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt--some progress, but nothing that photographs well.  There are 81 9-patches to make for that one. Talk about a boring picture. So let's talk about another quilt instead, one that's also already in progress.

Remember this quilt center?

If you recall, I had some serious problems figuring out where to go with this one after I got the center finished. I tried one thing and it was awful, so I took that border off and reassessed. I figured out what would look good and make a good quilt. I even bought fabric to make more triangles. But I just could not make myself do it. And I really tried.

I started this to use up leftover HSTs, and I did that. But what I didn't want to do was invest more time making a bajillion more HSTs to make a bigger quilt just to make a bigger quilt. So here's what I came up with instead:

Yes, I made another baby quilt, which will be donated along with the others. The biggest question was whether I could live with giving it away, and I decided that a child would get far more enjoyment out of it as is than I would making something else. This is about 46 inches square, which will make a nice blankie for a child.

So that's that! Out of the pile, ready for quilting, and off my list! Wins all around!

Last Friday, I noted that I had just passed my 50th post. I'm grateful for everyone who has joined me this far, so I decided to have a small giveaway to celebrate. If you're up for it, I am too, so here are the details:

I have this fat eighth pack of Moda Grunge fabrics to give away:

There are 8 fat eighths here, making about a yard of fabric. I'll even throw in a fat quarter of Kona white to go along with it. For some reason, I have a LOT of Kona white laying around.  I really need to find a project to use it in. I'll work on that.  Meanwhile. . .

Off and on I've been daydreaming a little about making a row quilt from traditional blocks. I've even done a tiny bit of drafting:

So, to win the Moda Grunge fat eighths, just leave me a comment letting me know which blocks I should definitely have in my row quilt. I'm having a tough time deciding! I'll use the random number generator to choose on Thursday night after dinner, so about 7 pm Central time. Open to everybody!

Thanks so much to everyone for helping me make it this far. I appreciate it! Have a good week!

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  1. I really like that staggering geese pattern you have drawn. Congrats Mari. You will only get better and bigger at blogging....

  2. Just love the way you laid out the HSTs and sashed them! Congrats on passing 50 posts! I just realized that I posted number 100. Amazing how quickly that happens isn't it? :) Thanks for the chance, love the Grunge :)

  3. I also like that staggered geese layout. I have a row quilt made with traditional blocks and one of those is the bowtie block.

    We are also expecting that "f" word by the weekend here in eastern SD, and the Black Hills out west may even see a little of the "s" word. Yikes! My hubbie headed to WI to visit clients this week and will be very glad he took a jacket.

  4. I have a fondness for a good eight pointed star. :) Also those staggered geese look pretty cool and I love the sentiment behind the friendship star! So many great options, good luck choosing!

  5. I love the triangle quilt - somewhere I have some large half-square triangles that were the first thing I ever hand-pieced. I'd like to set them, just to have it - now I know how I might do it!

    I'll add another vote for the flying geese - I think they would nicely break up some of the more square blocks. I also like that little X block you've sketched!!

  6. That border print really perked up the HST's! Good choice. :- )

    I've made several row quilts using a variety of blocks. Wish I were organized enough for you to find them easily on my blog but you'll probably have to wade through lots of old posts. Just go for it and have fun!

  7. I vote for the staggered geese.
    Love the birder you out in those HST's. Nice choice!

  8. Great choice of border fabric for the triangle quilt. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the row quilt. Wishing you continued success with your blog. Thanks for the chance to win the grunge fabrics

  9. Lovely hst quilt top! Congrats on the 50th blog post! I'd jump on the bandwagon with the staggered flying geese, they look so nice on your graph paper, but the friendship star block is my all time favorite block! So that is my suggestion!

  10. Congrats on 50 posts, I spent some time poking around on your blog, lovely projects! I think pinwheels need to be in every row quilt.

  11. Congratulations on your 50th post! And your finished top! It looks great! Love fun borders you added. This will make a child very happy!

  12. I am a lover of Maple Leaves, so like to include them. I love any block with half square triangles too, maybe because I have got good at them LOL Flying geese still challenge me, but I love how they look.


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