Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Under the weather

Hi folks! Hope you are all feeling well, because I feel really crummy. My head is about the size of a basketball and I can feel my sinuses in my throat. Not sick enough to stay in bed, but too sick to do complex things--like cook, for example. I'm totally blaming the weather, because it is cold and raining. Of course, students always make sure they sneeze on their papers before they hand them in, so it could be that, too.

Since I'm feeling so crummy, there's not a lot going on right now. I really don't feel like working on either of the quilts I should be working on. I did make these three new blocks for the Loyal Union Sampler:

I guess I was in a green mood. That star block in the center is paper pieced and it still nearly killed me. Tiny squares do not go with a headache.What was I thinking? Thank goodness there is only one to make for this quilt. I'm not sure I like the other two blocks, but I committed to making all of the blocks for this one, so maybe they'll get lost in the forest of the remaining blocks.

I also spent some time paging through quilt books and I picked out a pattern for these strips:

I chose this pattern, called Jitterbug:

From this book, which was another library find:

(On a side note, I think there must be a quilter who works in acquisitions at our library, because there are quite a few really recent books on the shelves. Wish I knew who it was, because I have a couple requests!) I may do some cutting for this one if I start feeling better. I'm not sure I trust myself with sharp objects right now.

One thing I have hope of finishing in the next few days involves this orange tote bag:

I'm hoping to turn it into something else this week, if my eyes ever focus properly again.

Anyway, it's time for some tea and soup, and maybe several cold pills too. Thank goodness I have several quilts to cuddle under because it is darned chilly around here.Fall is definitely here. My neighbor's tree has even started changing already.

Everyone stay healthy this week! If you feel too crummy to sew, you have my deepest sympathies. Make someone wait on you!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Take care and feel better SOON . . . glad you have your quilts in the meantime.

Vicki in MN said...

I am in the same boat with ya-got a cold, and it has been cold here in MN too. At least the sun is shining brightly today but I still think I need a nap! Hope we both feel better soon.
Your blocks look great and I really want to see your Jitterbug quilt when done.

dq said...

Lovely quilt project and lovely fabrics selected.

Leanne said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! I've had my own share of sinus issues. Surgery may be in my future. I love the colors in your new blocks. I think I may need to embroider on your totebag!!! Feel Better!

Anonymous said...

Mari, Sorry to hear you are sick. Yuk!!Hope it is a quick one and you are better soon.

We are still having 90 degree afternoons here and there have been numerous fires burning within 5-20 miles of my home so it is really smokey. Desperately wishing for rain.

Jo said...

Rug up and get better soon. Sometimes your body just needs a rest

Run 'n Stitch said...

Feel better soon!! I own that book and have used it a lot. I went through a pre-cut phase a few years ago. Those quilts sure went together fast. Have fun!

Rachel said...

Feel better soon! Aren't jelly rolls fun?

Suz J said...

Oh no, you can't be a fearless quilter by night when you feel crappy! I've got that jelly roll book too... it has some great designs. I've found that library people in general are nice people (just like quilters) so I'd make some enquiries... you'll probably make a new quilty friend and get first dibs on those new books!