Friday, October 31, 2014


Hey ho, it's Halloween!  Which also means that it's the last day of October and November starts tomorrow. November! How did this happen? For our part of the country, the first of November opens the betting for when the first snow will fall. Let's hope it's not tonight, because it's pretty cold. Be sure to put those costumes on over a coat, kids!

This week, I finished the Halloween wall quilt, just in time for all the little goblins we expect to ring our doorbell tonight:

I swear that bottom edge is really straight!
This is much bigger than it looked in the magazine. It's about 32 by 16. I seem to have this condition where I'll look at the measurements for a pattern and still have no real concept of how big the project really is. In my mind this should have turned out about half this size. 32 by 16? Tiny. 60 by 80? Should fit a king, right?

No real problem, though, because they're very cute! I added the tabs to make it hang better in my house. Here is the very festive back:

Really, what else would I have used that fabric for? It's perfect here! And you can see behind it that we still have leaves on the maple tree. More raking in our future!

The only other thing I really worked on this week were some new Drunkard's Path blocks:

Gosh, I like this green so much better! And surprise--those pink corners make a very nice secondary pattern when they're together. The thing I like best about these blocks is that the print becomes the "neutral." I think I get stuck on the idea of using white all the time and forget that other fabrics can make very nice quilts too.

I'm really enjoying making these blocks. I never knew they were so easy or else I would have made them years ago! Really, they're each only two pieces. The curved seam takes a little getting used to, but otherwise they go together really quickly. And there are so many cool patterns! I already know that I want to make a second one using a different layout.  I have some turquoise, which I think will make some very nice blocks. Maybe I'll start on those next week. (So much for not getting carried away.)

Everybody have a great weekend! Tonight I'll be guarding the candy bowl and answering the door, then it's more library time for me on Saturday.

Gosh, I hope we have enough!

Hope you get to do something fun. It's cold, so we should all stay inside and sew!

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  1. I woke up to our first snow this morning (central/SE Wisconsin). I think/hope it'll melt during the day, but it was a surprise!

    LOVE the new DP block with the darker green and pink corners! Your Halloween quilt is cute too!

  2. GREAT DP blocks . . .

    Your candy bowl looks a LOT like ours!

    We will also have the grand-puppy tonight (our son does the audio for a live radio broadcast every Halloween and she can't go with nor can she stay home alone with so many doorbell ringers and no one to answer)

  3. I love how your wall hanging came out, and you're right, that fabric is PERFECT for the back of that quilt. I do love how your drunkard's path blocks are coming. It's so much fun to make quilts that don't have that standard white background fabric.

  4. How funny. I have the same affliction.... I read the dimensions and somehow am still surprised by the size when I finish something. What is that all about?

    The wall hanging is adorable.

    I wrenched my neck this week so by little stitching going on here. Hurts to look down for very long. Dang it.

  5. I'm glad you were able to finish that adorable wall hanging for the holiday! Excellent.

  6. Your drunkard's path blocks are looking good--I can't wait to see them together. We did get our first bit of snow today, and now I'm passing out candy to shivering kids. but they're having fun.

  7. Your comment about dimensions made me laugh because I have, it seems, absolutely no idea about dimensions either.
    Your Drunkard's Path block is fabulous. It is hard to not get carried away with making the many, many Drunkard's Path variations!

  8. Brrr. I'm cold and we still have leaves on trees but are to get snow flurries tonight.Your DP is adorable! I got a smile out of your assessment that the curve piecing IS easy! Yea!

  9. DPs are looking good. I agree with them being easier than they look.

    Fun wallhanging too!

  10. Your DP's are so striking the way you've laid them out!

  11. Such a cute Halloween wall hanging. Inviting rather than frightening for the trick or treaters.

  12. How cute! Something you can enjoy every Halloween! Hugs!

  13. That little quilt is so cute!!! I love it!


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