Saturday, April 22, 2017

The loneliest number

Hi all!  How was your week?  I am still getting slammed and I'm really exhausted.  Feels like I've been really tired for weeks.  Maybe I should look into that or something.

Just a very short post today to show off my single, lonely RSC challenge block:

At least it has a pretty background!  That's the dogwood tree that grows next to our deck.  It's pretty, but sadly, it has to come down because it's just too close to the house.  Luckily, there is another one out front, so we'll still have flowers.  And there are tons of others in the neighborhood, too, all of them in bloom from all the rain we've been having.  (So you know I'm sneezing a lot, too!)

I really like this block.  I think the fabric for it is perfect and looks great with the greens.  I've also finally got a cutting chart and sewing order that makes these relatively fast and painless.  When I'm done with this quilt I'm half planning to write up an official pattern for it because I'm expecting it to be spectacular. (She said modestly.)

And that was the sum total of what I accomplished this week!  I feel like a slug.  I did do some cutting, though, including the cutting for two more multicolored Steps to the Garden blocks (like this one).  That will give me a dozen blocks, which makes me happy because even if I don't make any more blocks I'd still have enough for a quilt.

Before I go, I want to plug my Spring Cleaning series a little bit.  There is a post about books up right now, and Wednesday there will be a post about cleaning out magazines and other paper.  Hope you'll check it out!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and that all your RSC projects are humming along.  I wish I could have a nap right now, but we have so much to do this weekend.  T.S. Eliot was right-- April really is the cruelest month!

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  1. Good work done on this block

  2. you did much more than one block this week girl! Working full time, series, organizing. The block is cool

  3. Very fun block. The dogwood blossoms are gorgeous.

  4. I, for one, will be looking forward to the pattern! (She says expectantly.)

  5. Your green background fabrics are so perfect for the fun print you used in this one, Mari! And it's definitely pretty with your dogwood tree. I'm going to guess that allergies in this blooming season might be doing you in (plus, you're a teacher - doesn't exhaustion go with the territory?), hopefully it will pass!

  6. Your block is already spetacular! I love it and am looking forward to the pattern! Your garden looks spectacular too. Your dogwood blossoms are huge; I've never seen them that big before (that must be our climate, keeping things small!).

  7. Great block and your post on books was very good, too. Hope the sneezing subsides soon (we're still in the midst of pollen season here).

  8. Love the block and it looks so good with that field of colourful flowers. The dogwood is beautiful. The only thing in bloom on a bush or tree here is forsynthia. Love the splash of yellow wherever it blooms.

  9. I agree with you - April has been cruel and on so many levels. But I disagree with the lonely block statement. She is not lonely - she is a diva and refuses to share the limelight with others. Look at her glowing in the perfect backdrop of the spring flowers.


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