Friday, April 8, 2016

Sentimental sewing

Hi all!  Tomorrow (Saturday) is a very big day--our younger daughter is getting married!  In celebration of this great event for our family, I thought I would show you one of the things that I made for the wedding.  I made a few things from her grandmother's wedding dress, and this little purse is one of them:

Just big enough to hold a lipstick and a couple tissues!  Believe it or not, this is made from the sleeve cuffs of the dress.

They were beautifully done with a hand-stitched self facing, so the two sleeve ends together made a lovely little self-lined purse in very little time.  On the one end of the purse, I kept the buttons that closed up the sleeves.  There were more than 50 of these buttons on the dress, including all the way down the back.  I'm sure they were hand-covered! Imagine all that work!  The button loops were also handmade. I also used a section of them to make a bouquet wrap, but didn't get a picture of that.

I added a zipper that matched the satin very well to the top of the piece, then folded the cuff points over and secured them each with a button.  The buttons are new but they look like they were made for this purse.  The hardest part of the whole thing was convincing myself to cut into my mother-in-law's 68 year old dress.  Here is the happy couple on their wedding day in 1948:

I just love this picture.  They are both gone now, and we miss them so much.  Her dress was handmade from a very nice heavy satin which has held up very well but is now more ivory than white.  The seams were all hand-finished, with just some beautiful construction.  It's also about a modern size 0, because my mother-in-law was very tiny, only about 4'10" at her tallest. (She has heels in this picture!) I think the waist in it was 26 inches.  Not made for a 26-inch waist, actually 26 inches.

We are all so happy about the wedding, and so happy that some part of her grandmother's dress will be a part of it.  Here's hoping it brings them as much happiness as it did her grandparents.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and I promise more quilty stuff next week!

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  1. Your little purse is as beautiful as it is special! Enjoy the happy event!

  2. What wonderful news! Congratulations to your daughter and new husband on this joyous occasion! The purse is beautiful. How nice it will be to have this lovely keepsake for the years to come.

  3. Congratulations on the wedding. Hope everything goes well. I am sure it will be a lovely ceremony. Mari, this little purse has so much love and meaning to it. I love it. Thank you sharing non-quilts stuff.

  4. I love that the dress lives on in another bride's wedding day . . . hugs and all good wishes to all for a beautiful, memorable, and amazing day/weekend.

  5. lovely little purse. what are you doing with the rest of the dress?

  6. A beautiful bag, and I believe your mother-in-love would be pleased to be represented at the wedding in this precious item! As to that 26" waist in the dress -- I remember going to school with a girl who had a 18" waist!!!!! Wow! We surely don't make them like that anymore, do we???? Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow, and that your daughter's wedding is all she every hoped it would be! lynnstck(at)

  7. Oh, I have goosebumps! Perfect little purse! Ladies were so tiny back then, weren't they! Have a wonderful wedding day! Hope the weather cooperates! XO

  8. This is wonderful! Your daughter will treasure having this bit of her grandmother with her on her wedding day. I hope she has a daughter who will one day carry it as well. Making the purse was a wonderful idea and you did a great job with the bits of the sleeves. Enjoy the weekend with your family. You have so much to celebrate!

  9. Such a special gift that will connect the generations. You are brave to cut into the dress, but did a beautiful job. My wedding dress also had a lot of tiny covered buttons on long cuffs and up the front of the bodice. And I covered everyone of them myself.

  10. You did a great job with making that purse. Such a clever idea. What happened to the rest of the dress. Did your daughter use the fabric in hers.
    Hope you had a great day....


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