Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back to the machines

Hi everyone!  Long time no see!  I don't know what happened, but I didn't sew a stitch for about 10 days.  Just didn't feel like it. (Not exactly true--I actually hemmed and mended some clothes. The horror!) That ever happen to you?  Pretty sure everyone has a spell like that once in a while.  How do you get interested again?

Here's what got me going again:

Yep, I started making a bunch of Drunkard's Path blocks from my leftover hand-dyed fabrics.  I started putting together the Grandma's top and I finally found a border that I thought would go really well with it.  Here's a sneak peek of the border:

The border is 3 blocks wide, but until I put this up on the wall I forgot that I needed to cut some full squares.  I guess I'd better do that before I get too far along.  I need 76 of these babies, so it might be a bit before they're finished.  They're fun to make, though, and you can't say the border won't be colorful.

And what is that?

I'm not sure, but I *know* that can't be squares and strips for neutral 4-patches, because I am not making Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Nope. No.  Besides, I really hate making 4-patches, so you know I'm really not doing it, right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  One really fun thing that I got to do over the holiday was meet up with Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts.

Preeti (left) and me at breakfast.

It was so fun!  We had breakfast together and it was as if we had known each other forever.  She brought some show and tell and her quilts were even prettier in person.  And look what she brought me:

A zipper bag of my very own, filled with fun fabric just right for a grandson quilt! Plus some great-smelling sandalwood soap! It was so generous and kind, and I love it.  I'll be keeping my colored pencils in it, and there's some extra room for a little pad of paper too, so I can take it along in the car.  Thank you so much, Preeti!

I also got a chance to meet up with Nancy of PugMom Quilts, and her lovely husband Mike.

Don't we look like fun people?

It was so great of them to take time from their family vacation to stop by and see us, and I hope we get to do it again soon.  This is the best part of blogging--getting to meet people who are as obsessed as I am with fabric and the fun things you can make out of it.  I got to see some of Nancys great quilts, too, along with some works in progress.  We had a great time together!

Finally, thanks to everyone who has participated in the Gratitude Sale so far.  At this point, there's been about $250 donated to the three charities, including some donations I made on behalf of others.  Yay!  I decided to keep it open until the end of the year, so there's still time to head over and take a look.  

Hope you all are having a great week.  Now that I'm getting my mojo back, I'm ready to sew up a storm.  But I am *not* making 4-patches.  Nope.  Really.

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Tish Stemple said...

Getting to meet up with quilty friends is the best, and it looks like you got got to meet up with two pretty awesome ladies :) Don't worry I won't tell a soul you are not making Bonnie's mystery quilt. If you were making it, I would tell you how much I love those low volume prints on your cutting table, but since you aren't well, I just won't say a word ;)

Lisa J. said...

How wonderful that you got to meet up with your quilting friends. I'm quite jealous. But I do have some hopes for future meet ups. I'm glad you've got your sewing mojo back. I've been struggling a bit with sewing and blogging lately myself.

Jayne said...

Love the hand dyed fabric! Your drunkard path block are gorgeous! How fun to meet up with quilty friends! It's always nice to hear when that happens!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Love the vivid colours in your drunkards path blocks, lovely. It seems a few of us have been struggling with sewing and blogging lately but I'm glad you are getting back to normal. Having lovely friends always helps.

Preeti said...

The drunkard's path blocks are such a breath of fresh air. So glad you enjoyed our time together. Looking forward to our next meeting. I am glad that you found your quilting mojo again.

Mrs.Pickles said...

Lovely work. So nice to meet up with people

Jo said...

Can't wait to see what those neutral strips turn into then... haha
Love the brights...

Sara said...

Looking forward to seeing how the drunkard's path blocks come together. The colors are great! Glad to hear you've got your mojo back. It was probably just resting to be ready for the busy holidays coming up

Kate said...

Those colorful Drunkard's Path blocks are so fun!

Miaismine said...

Love your post! So fun and entertaining! Your Drunkard's Path blocks look fun and cheerful! Yup, getting together with quilty friends is the best!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Thanks for sharing those Happy drunkards path blocks with Oh Scrap! The colors are so bright :)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! You sure look fun people like your blocks as well! Those curves will create exciting quilt! x Teje

Jenny said...

How lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers!!

PaulaB quilts said...

You were so lucky to have such wonderful times with blogger friends. There are so many dear folks out there. Those dyed fabrics have such gorgeous brilliant that it would be a shame to waste even one scrap. The paths are such a nice use of them. Those neutral strips and blocks don't fool anyone. You might as well admit you are hooked like the rest of us, unless you're going to hook a dull rug.