Friday, July 20, 2018

Wild about Harry

Hi folks, and happy weekend to you all.  There are not that many weekends in a summer, so we'd best enjoy them while we can, right?

Right now I feel like I should wave a magic wand around and say some kind of incantation, because I have finished off the top for the Harry Potter quilt!  What the heck--wingardium leviosa--

It looks pretty in the sunshine!  If you recall, my daughter has very strongly requested a Harry Potter quilt, and she chose this Hogwarts Crest Quilt by Pieces by Polly.  What could I do but make it for her?

As you can see, this quilt was pretty easy.  I altered it a little so I could customize the size, but that just meant that I used all squares and none of the rectangles that are in the original pattern.  The only problem I had was that the crest in the center used fusible applique, which I really dislike.  I thought that it would make the center of the quilt really stiff and not cozy at all, so instead I used a glue stick to temporarily stick pieces down and then satin stitched around the different parts of the crest.

After I had the crest all together, I cut out the layers behind the top applique so that there would be only one layer, plus it got rid of the shadows behind the applique pieces:

After I satin stitched the crest to the pieced portion of the quilt top, I also cut out behind it so that the whole quilt is just one layer, which should make it easier to quilt and make it much cozier:

Every time I do applique this way I am reminded how much I dislike it.  If I ever make another one of these, I'd definitely adapt the pattern for hand applique or at the very least turned-edge applique that can be stitched by machine.  I just think the satin stitching looks bad and takes way too much time.  The crest took as long to make as the rest of the quilt all together.

That was the only problem I had, though! And look what I have for the backing:

Yep, that's a Timeless Treasures print of the London Underground system.  Isn't that perfect for a Harry Potter quilt?

So now the top is pieced, the backing is made, and the batting is cut!  All I have to do is decide how to quilt it.  I'm thinking pinstripes would be nice.  How to do the borders, though?  That will require some thought.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  This is a big weekend for our family.  My brother in law is getting a kidney transplant!  Hurray, hurray! He is an elementary school principal and father of two and is getting a transplant from a very generous living donor.  If you're so inclined, please keep him,my sister, their kids, and the donor and her family in your thoughts.  Thanks!

UPDATE: Surgery was a success! The kidney is working and both patients are doing well.

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  1. I find fusing it on and doing a small machine blanket stitch works well. My satin stitch isn't all the good.

  2. What a fun finish! It turned out beautifully.

  3. good luck to your brother in law - It is always so neat to hear of people who donate organs and help someone else have a good life - positive thoughts are being sent to your family.

  4. Beautiful! I wish that was my quilt!

  5. That turned out wonderfully, and I love the backing you chose to go with it! Best wishes to your brother in law.

  6. Great quilt top. The backing is perfect. I'd not seen that fabric before. Praying for your brother in law.

  7. Great job, Mari! I'm sure your daughter will treasure this quilt :)

  8. The Harry Potter quilt is fabulous. Love the four house color quadrants. Best of luck on the kidney transplant! Hope that everything goes as planned.

  9. This is great Mari. I bet she will love it. Is it bed size? Maybe I missed that info?
    Nice job softening the center of the quilt. I wouldn't have thought of all those extra steps - perfect.
    Hoping for a smooth successful surgery and a swift recovery. How awesome he has this generous donor!!

  10. How big did you make this AMAZING quilt? LOVE it!!!

  11. That is the perfect quilt for a Harry Potter fan, and the backing is wonderful! Great idea! Very positive thoughts being sent to your brother-in-law and his family. I know he has a lot of people pulling for him!

  12. Delighted to hear both the recipient and the donor are doing well. A courageous thing to do. I love your harry potter quilt. I made one for a friend's daughter many years ago, an applique quilt incorporating all her favourite elements, a real labour of love!

  13. Harry? I thought you are wild about Larry :-p
    I am sure your daughter will love it. And Minerva McGonagall would be so very proud of you. You did a splendid job!!!


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