Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Reader's Choice Giveaway

Hi all!  I know, two posts in two days!  Not to worry-- this is just a short little post to let you know about a great event that my friend Bernie is running starting today over her blog, Needle and Foot. You will be interested, because there's a great giveaway attached to it!

Do you remember back in September, when I chose a bundle of fabrics for Bernie's shop, and then made this lovely quilt top from the fabric bundle?

This quilt is off at the longarmer, but I definitely remember making it and am looking forward to it coming home.  All through 2018, Bernie invited different bloggers to choose bundles, and then offered the bundles for sale.  Now that 2018 is almost over, Bernie is running a little "contest" to see which bundle was the favorite.  Of course I would like the bragging rights here!

This was my bundle from September.

If my bundle "wins," I would get a happy feeling, but you could get something a bit more substantial, because there is a big giveaway attached to the event.  Bernie saved one of each bundle this year, and she is giving away the whole set!  By my count, that's 62 fat quarters, though I may have counted wrong, but that's a lot of fabric!

All you have to do to enter is hop over to Bernie's blog post (HERE) and vote for your favorite bundle!  Bernie has all of the rules on her site, but here are a few:

            --one vote per person, so there is no stuffing the ballot box
            --voting goes through Saturday, December 15, with the winner drawn on Sunday, December 16
            --because of the weight of the fabric, this is only open to quilters in the US

Remember that my bundle was September, though all the bundles were lovely, so I won't hold it against you if you choose a different one.  And I sincerely hope one of you wins the fabric!  I get nothing from this but bragging rights, but imagine what you could create with all that fabric (or who you could give it to. . .Christmas is coming)

Back to the grades for me, but enjoy the rest of the week!  And good luck!


Danice G said...

The "bundle" quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for the info about the giveaway also.

Sarah Aldrich said...

Your links aren’t working, so I can’t vote! Please check and update links or provide the url. Thanks.

Margie said...

The link does not work!!! Would love to be able too vote.

Mari said...

Thanks for letting me know! Should be all fixed now. (This is what happens when I try to do things in advance!)

Bernie Kringel said...

Thanks for sharing the voting event Mari!! It is a lot of fun watching the votes come in. Good luck to you!!! Have a great day. :-)