Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Design wall updates

Hi all! Just taking a little time from this stupid paper that I'm writing to say hello and show a couple of things that I've pulled out to work on. I usually go to a conference early in June, but that's been cancelled this year, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Somehow sitting on the deck with a cool drink doesn't feel right.

Last week, when I was feeling pretty low (still feeling that way, but no politics today!) I started going through some of my project boxes to see the status of some things I have in there. It feels like forever since I looked at these, so it's like finding a bunch of projects started by someone else that I get to finish up. If I feel like it, you know.

First up is this project, if anyone remembers it:

I started this back when we lived in Wisconsin, which means it's been in that box for a long time. They aren't all on the wall, but I do have all the blocks and most of the pieces, just not put together. It looks like all I have to make for this is a bunch more flying geese and then it will be done.  There are some appliques, too, but I think I'll probably leave those off and not add the larger (unpieced) border. It will be a little smaller, but that's ok with me.

Then I pulled out these blocks, which are much more recent:

These are star blocks using some black fabrics I had and wasn't doing anything with. I think they look great together. I have the black pieces cut for 11 more blocks, which means that there are probably two more blocks in another box somewhere.  I have to cut the white backgrounds and the accent pieces that make the central stars, but then these should go together pretty easily.

Then I got distracted when I took the leftover pieces out of the box to put in a scrap bin and started on this:

Why not make a small fabric scrap basket like the ones I'm making for the RSC this year? No reason not to, except that I don't have much in the way of black scraps, except what I've already cut. Maybe I'll store some grays in there, too.

And then, of course, the modern blocks quilt top keeps growing:

This is turning out way better than anticipated. I'm just kind of sticking the blocks up there as I finish them, so I'm looking forward to playing with all the color distributions.

Whenever I wander into the sewing room in the next few weeks, I'll be working on one of these. I'm easily distracted, though, so who knows what will happen? There are a lot of fun things to work on in those boxes!

I hope everything is peaceful and calm where you are, and that you are enjoying beautiful weather.  I've been out walking a lot, and came across these beautiful flowers at a neighbor's mailbox:

These certainly cheered me, and I hope they cheer you, too! Have a good week!


  1. That is a whole lot of projects to work on. I think my favorite is the one from Wisconsin - that is really cool and I am excited to see it finished up. Work on that one first, ok???
    Hang in there friend - our world will settle down someday. :-)

  2. I really like both of your “old” projects a lot, and they’re so easy and quick to finish that it would be a shame not to do it!
    You make me realize that I ought to dig through and actually unpack my old projects, or “Works In Progress.” Maybe I’ll find something really nice which doesn’t require a whole lot of work too finish!

  3. you really sound like the whole virus stay at home thing has really gotten you down. You must be out and busy all the time - my life has barely changed it seems - I guess I stay home a lot and only do the necessary shopping and would go exercise almost every day but the rest of the time I am home and we are loners and do not entertain or anything. i don't even belong to quilt groups as the only think I have in common with the other ladies is quilting and have nothing to chatter about to this women.
    i hope you start to feel better.

  4. Love the colors of the first quilt

  5. I'm guessing that many of us have had or will have a "slump" during all of this craziness this year has thrown at us. You are doing much of what I have done when it hit me. I just futzed with things in my sewing room, took walks (still doing that), read fun books, tried to find things that bring me joy and make me laugh. I think you're still decompressing from the crazy finish to your academic year as well? Anyway, I like all the things I'm seeing on your design wall. Whichever one you work on first will be fun to see, or if you stick 'em all back in the box, that's okay too. Just go with what makes you happy!

  6. I remember those star blocks because I thought the combination of black prints and bright colors was so genius. Enjoy your summer - no matter how brief it may be.

  7. Those are all fun projects! Sounds like you excavated down pretty far in your studio. Do the black background stars get an interesting sashing treatment? Seems like it wouldn't take much to generate a secondary pattern :)

  8. It looks like you've got PLENTY to keep you busy (when you're not busy writing your paper, Mari!)

  9. These projects are all wonderful! I especially like your use of the log cabins. I hope you can work your way back into the sewing room soon, you do such nice work!

  10. I like all those projects!! especially the first one, well and the second - and..well get to them!! Sometimes, it is okay to just sit on the deck, sometimes sitting soothes the soul.... Hugs!

  11. Pretty projects to keep you busy for a while! The older project is absolutely beautiful, it's going to be a piece of art! I love a lot your modern and colorful triangles, can't wait to see how you will organised all these cute blocks.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties with Patchwork & Quilts link party!

  12. I was wondering what happened to your Black Beauty blocks! Glad to see this one pushing its way to the front of the line. It is inspiring me to add it to my wish list. Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com


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