Friday, June 24, 2022

Starry, starry birds

 Hi everyone! How are things where you are? We had our house painted this week. It looks amazing, like a brand new place. I'll need to take some "after" pictures, but I am so thrilled with it already. The only downside was that they started super-early, like dawn, so it was quite noisy quite early. But it's done and I am sleeping in tomorrow!

Since I was up, I worked on a bunch of my Positivity blocks, and then I caught up some on the rest of my RSC blocks. First up are the blue stars:
Look how great! Every time I make these I am thrilled with how they turn out. This time I made the triangles oversized and cut them down and the final blocks were so much easier to construct. I searched all through the blue scrap bins and chose the happiest brights I could find. Really, all that's left in those bins are the lighter blues. I am happy about this, because dark blues are not my favorite. Here's a slighter closer look at those fabrics:

I'm thrilled to use these up, and they make great stars. I swear the one on the top right is a deep blue, even though it does look like a black fabric in the picture. And isn't that paisley fun? 
Next up, of course, are the blue birds:

Gosh, what a bunch of personality these guys have, and they certainly seem to like hanging out in that tree. Check out those checkered orange legs! These are free-pieced birds, made without templates, with a tutorial from Lynne at Patcherie Menagerie. You can get the tutorial right HERE. The tutorial is completely worth it, because every time I make these birds, I get happy.

You can see the fabrics a little better in the picture above. Most of those scrap bits were just laying around, waiting to be used for something, and here they are in some happy birds. Not a lot of bright blues for these either, but just enough to make it work. 

Since we are halfway through the RSC, I thought I'd get a couple of progress photos of the whole lot of blocks so far. Here are the stars:

That is a nice constellation laid out on the 'design patio,' isn't it? Right now I'm thinking of setting them with blue sashing, but we'll see. 

Here is my lovely flock of birds so far, laid out on the design lawn:

Well, they are cute, but it appears that I failed to make green birds. Oh, well! They might get made another time, might not. I'm pretty cleared out of dark greens, thank goodness. I don't really have any black birds, so maybe I could substitute those. I do have some black fabrics that would make great birds.

So, there we are! A painted house and caught-up projects! What could be better? Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll just be over here, plotting what to plant now that the house is done!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I made a bird quilt with birds like that about 3 or 4 years ago - after the first couple I didn't even use a pattern but just free form some with short legs some long etc they were fun to do - love yours

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your birds DO look happy! Glad you are delighted with the fresh coat of house paint.

piecefulwendy said...

Looking forward to seeing your newly painted house - always nice when those jobs are done! Your blocks all grouped together look great! The stars twinkle, and I love the group of birds!

KaHolly said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I made a few birds to try them out. Always meant to make more….haven’t yet! You inspire me. This is my summer to revisit UFOs.

MissPat said...

Your brightly colored birds have a tropical look and no worries, there's another green month still to come this year. Nice tyo have a big job like house painting over and done.

Bernie Kringel said...

Mari you always get so much done! It just amazes me. The star blocks look so good laid out together. So do the birds. Both will be amazing quilts. I just read back a few posts as I am behind. Good job on all of the RSC projects. Really impressed - especially since you just finished hosting H2H. Yikes! Glad you and L had a good trip together. I bet the costumed folks were quite the contrast to your group. How funny!

Bernie Kringel said...

PS - I can't wait to see the house! I love getting the outside or inside painted. So fresh and clean!!!

sue s said...

Your birds are especially cheerful! That pattern is how I found Lynne's site in the first place. Some day I WILL do these! The stars are turning out nice too. I can tell you are in your summer, non-teaching mode.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Getting the house painted is a big job! Our project this week has been finding a roofer - estimates, what color shingles, all that. I love both your stars and your birds. Those birds are definitely on my list!

Deb A said...

Such playful birds you are creating! A painted house is wonderful as is the sleep in time tomorrow! Have a great weekend.

Ivani said...

All your blocks look so great Mari. Love seeing them together.

Sharm said...

The birds are such a hit ..... and I did go and purchase the pattern after you showed them at the start of the year .... buying the pattern is as far as I've got but I'm hoping to get my craft/study room so I can get to some sewing in the next couple of months (there are still a couple of boxes in there waiting to be unpacked!!). Love the pink bird with the leg slightly different - you've used perfect scrap materials for them which is why I'm sure they look so happy!!
And ...... I've finally worked out how to add you to my reading list on blogger!!!