Friday, September 30, 2022

Arabella has a garden

 Hello everyone! I hope you have been having a really good week. I'm still very down, but trying to work my way out of it. Our friend Preeti has released a new pattern, and she asked me to test it for her. I was going to say no, but some things happened, and I ended up saying yes. There is a story, but first, here is my version of Preeti's Arabella's Garden pattern:

Well, that's different, isn't it? But wait, there's more! Take a look:

Yes, I ended up making two. Preeti does not know about the second one, so she's probably said a few choice words by now, but they both have a story and both turned out well. I didn't get a chance to quilt the toddler size, but I think it turned out very cute and colorful and deserves some photos just the same.

Okay, I said there was a story, right? I was going to tell Preeti no, because I have a lot of work I'm doing and the family crisis is ongoing, as is the heartache. Well, then my brother called and wanted me to make a quilt for my sister in law, and could I please have it by their anniversary? Yikes! Does anyone say no to family? You are stronger than me. So it turned out that I could help two people in one go, testing Preeti's pattern and making a quilt for my brother at the same time. Win, win.

Okay, the quilt looks quite Christmassy, which was unintentional! My brother requested "cardinals" because my sister in law lost both her parents and has been very into cardinals lately. And then I had to add in the green because that was really the only color that would work for the corners. I guess I could have used more gray, but that might have been too depressing. You just have to listen to the fabric, you know?
I went looking for cardinals, but all of the cardinal fabric I found was Christmas fabric. I chose the least Christmassy one I could find (and there were not a lot), then combined it with a striped piece I already had which featured cardinals on a black background. I fussy cut that piece and only used the black stripes. I think they worked, and I'm glad they are out of here.

I quilted this in a crosshatch with pale gray thread in most of the quilt and black thread in the borders. The backing is the remaining cardinal fabric filled out with some gray to make the right width and length. And did you notice the mitered corners on those borders? The quilt is soft and cozy and ready to send off, and I really hope she likes it.

My quilt looks more traditional than Preeti's pattern, but that's me, you know? The pattern was very, very easy, and Preeti has this way of figuring out the least work-intensive way of making things. It's her genius, really, and many of those techniques are in the pattern, which is lavishly illustrated so you always know what to do. Some day I will figure out how to make illustrations that are that helpful!

So now we should talk about the toddler-sized, really colorful quilt. There is no real big story here, but I wanted to use fabrics that were much happier than the cardinals, and is there anything happier than a toddler quilt with yellow stars? I didn't notice until I was halfway through that the fabrics were mostly dots, but there we are!

This was a joy to work on and went together very easily. Most of this fabric, except for the background, came from the scrap bins, and even the yellow star fabric was a leftover from other projects. I think it worked out really well and I'm looking forward to quilting it. Since it's so dotty, I'm thinking bubbles for a quilting pattern.

And there we are! Run right over to Preeti's shop and grab yourself a pattern. This is a very easy pattern with great illustrations, directions for yardage and fat quarters, plus a fun coloring page. Plus it's on sale right now. You will not be sorry!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. The photo below has nothing to do with the quilts, but this friend was waiting for me right off our patio when I came home one day. Just hanging out, you know, like you do after a hard day in the trees.

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Hubblebird said...

Hi Mari. I’m not sure which quilt I love best. Both designed for the recipients which is not always what our own fabric choices might be. They are both gorgeous. And once again, made and delivered with your wonderful cheerful voice, despite any heartaches along the way. I’m tempted to say, ‘You go girl!’ But that is so hackneyed. Lovely work, lovely person, great pattern and fabric choices.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I like both versions (my mom loved cardinals - I think of her every time I see one in our yard). So sorry to hear things are still challenging and full of heartache . . . but I am glad you have the fabrics to help you along the way. LOVE the photo of the deer!

Gail said...

Isn't it amazing how different color schemes change how you see a pattern. Lovely quilts.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Ohhh I like both versions!!
and I did think the first was Chrsitmas-y - but knowing that you focused on the cardinals makes me change my mind - what a beautiful gift.

Sara said...

Both versions are terrific! Dots and yellow stars - winner, winner! I can picture some little kiddo just adoring that one. Your choice of cardinal fabrics was excellent. Love how that one looks.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Look at you go! The cardinal themed version is lovely - I bet your sister-in-law will be thrilled with it. I love that small cardinal print you used with the white background. The toddler version is fun, too! Preeti is definitely a master at making great designs with excellent instructions. What a fun treat to have that visitor! Thinking of you, Mari - keep sewing. 💖

MissPat said...

Sorry the family issue is still wearing you down. It's good that you rallied to test Preeti's pattern AND make a gift for your SIL. Keeping busy does help reduce stress.
That deer looks quite small. I had a momma and triplets prance through the yard yesterday. Keep your chin up.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Both quilts are very nice. Next time you need cardinal fabric check out Charley Harper fabric (Fabricworm is a good place to search).
I hope life gets easier for you soon. I'm glad to see you are getting some sewing room therapy.

grammajudyb said...

Love both versions of Arabella’s Garden! Your SIL will love it! Hugs to you, I do not know the crisis in your life, nor do I need to! Just know we all sent you hugs and comforting thoughts!

Susie H said...

Love your renditions of Preeti's pattern too! Of course I loved the dots but I also really loved the cardinal one. That may have something to do with the fact that I live right outside of St. Louis, MLB Cardinals country! haha! I'm sorry that the crisis continues for you but at least you've got your sewing to help heal wounds. What a sweet little visitor!

Rachel said...

I really love both of these quilts! You've also convinced me to buy the pattern, it looks so fun and like it will fit with my scrappy style :)

Ivani said...

Two lovely versions of a beautiful quilt. Both of your quilts are beautiful, Mari, you sure did great!I bet your sister in law will be very happy with the Cardinals. I am so sorry that the family crisis continues I am sending prayers your way. OWO Sweet little friend. Nature is wonderful isn't it?

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Both are absolutely fabulous! I love the one for your sister-in-law, these little birds are pretty, and so are the fabric choices, mitered corners, and backing. The second version is lovely too, such soft and sweet colors. Bubbles looks like a pretty name for it!
Thank you for sharing these two lovelies, and linking up today ;)

Preeti said...

Thank you for test driving Arabella's Garden. Imagine my surprise when I saw the second flimsy. My mouth was open. So sneaky of you. But a very happy surprise and very pretty quilts. Looking forward to our next collaboration, be it quilty or foodie.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Awesome, both versions! I'm glad to hear that your cardinal version with bring comfort and joy to your SIL. And the baby version has brought joy to you. Quilting is a comfort.