Friday, October 24, 2014

Finally finished Friday

Hi all! So, I had visions of getting a lot of quilting done this week while I was also busy doing actual work that people pay me to do. Guess how that worked out. Yeah. I must have been delusional or something. But I did finish up at least a few things that I can show you, so it was not a complete failure.

First of all, the Fiesta Pinwheels quilt (from June, for heaven's sake) is finally all quilted and bound!

Love it! This quilt comes pre-certified as cuddly. True story: I trimmed the quilt on the table (because who can crawl around on the floor anymore?), measured it, and left it folded on the sofa while I went up to make the binding. I came down to get it to sew the binding on, only to find that Mr. AQ was already using it.

Our conversation went something like this:

ME: Didn't you notice that the edges weren't finished yet?
HIM: Yeah, I wondered about that.
ME: Well, give it here and I'll go finish it and then you can have it back.
HIM: Can it wait until this inning is over?


Anyway, I really like how it turned out, and it now lives in our otherwise tastefully decorated family room. And I love the pictures from the park! Never took one there before, but you can bet I'll do it again. One guy gave me a funny look, but who cares? He's probably not a quilter or else he'd totally get it!

Another thing that I did was make up some more Drunkard's Path blocks and try out some layouts. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but there are so many options! (Marti Michell has a very helpful page with many layouts HERE.) Here is one very traditional option:

(Ignore the wrinkles--they all need to be pressed!)
A very cute option, which would have been absolutely fine if I hadn't tried switching the colors:

I like this better! This actually looks like a path through a garden or something. I would have started stitching these into blocks if I hadn't also found this layout:

Fabulous! So now I have no idea what to do. I want a traditional layout, which both of these are; I just can't decide which one fits the fabric better. Anyone with an opinion, help me out! Of course, I could make two quilts. . .which would be me getting carried away again. Thank goodness I don't have enough of this fabric for two quilts, or we all know what would happen!

And, last but absolutely not least, I got confused for a little bit about this month's colors for RSC14. For some reason I was thinking "brown AND black" and not "brown OR black." So I have these three more 9-patch blocks:

Oh, well--the more the merrier, I guess! Not sure that brown ruler fabric was a good choice, but it seems okay. We'll see when it's time to lay out the quilt, which is coming soon.

Everybody have a great weekend. I will be trying to make my way through the pile of things that need to be quilted up. The sewing room is getting to be too crowded with all of those unquilted projects laying around!

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  1. Love your third DP layout. I have one in progress (okay, a longtime WIP) that uses that same layout in the center. Your Fiest Pinwheels quilt is wonderful...a bright spot in autumn. Lane

  2. What a great quilt, Fiesta Pinwheels! I like the first or third DP layout. Glad you kept the green!

  3. Fiesta Pinwheels is so bright and cheery! I'll be no help with the DP. So many lovely settings. It's hard to pick one.

  4. I made one recently with that third layout. The name I had for this pattern was Missouri Rose variation. It makes really pretty secondary patterns when you put blocks together.

  5. I like that last DP layout. That's the one that I will be using - soon as I have enough blocks and a design wall to use. I've seen that layout called Wedding Ring, and since I'm making a Grandgirl Wedding Quilt again it's the layout of choice.

  6. Great finish -- love that it was in use before you could get the binding on!

    I vote for the 3d DP layout . . .

  7. Looks like a fabulous week of sewing for you! The Fiesta Pinwheels is perfectly cheery! If you want my 2 cents on the DP, I like the third option with your fabrics. Oh, and when I saw your brown blocks, I really liked the ruler one! Hope it fits well in your RSC14 quilt!

  8. I love that your quilt was pre-certified as cuddly. Mr AQ gets it!!

  9. I really like the third layout too! I know it as Love Ring.

  10. It is such a lovely and bright quilt. I would say the yellow quilt feels happy every day. I love drunkards path blocks too.

  11. I love the quilting on your Fiesta quilt; the colours really are a fiesta! I prefer the third DP layout. It's the one I used in my one and only DP block so far, because it reminds me of a formal herb garden.

  12. Phew, You are so productive, almost tires me out. Love the conversation with your husband (I think he must be related to mine) and your photography is wonderful, such a pretty post.

  13. What a bright and cuddly looking quilt. That Fiesta Pinwheel is a great pattern. I've used both layouts for drunkards path and really don't have a favourite. I think you'll have to make a few more sections and try them together to see what works for you. Lovely either way.

  14. Congratulations on the wonderful quilt finish! I also like the nine patch blocks. Might have to try some of those before the month ends.

  15. I like your drunkards path, the bottom setting especially. LeeAnna

  16. Love the conversation over the unfinished quilt!
    Your blocks for RSC2014 are so crisp and fresh, love them.

  17. I have sent an email with some other pictures af DP quilts.
    You may like one of them....

  18. I know what you mean about the paying job holding you back from quilty fun.

    I came via various links...Drunkard's's fun to see all the different variations everyone is working on.'s also fun to see what everyone does with their scraps.

    And I love the colors in your Fiesta quilt. Sounds like it will get a good work out. Love the story.

  19. Tough choice! I like the second one because it looks most like a path to me. But the third layout has a nice block structure... One thing's for sure, it will look good whatever you decide!

    Love that bright fiesta. Amused that your husband used it before it was done. I could see my husband doing the same. ;)

  20. Cute story about your husband and the quilt. So nice to see someone snuggled under something you made.

  21. Isn't it great when you know that your quilt is loved? Fiesta is awesome! I also love the DP blocks, of course.


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