Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Things that go clunk

Hi everyone! You know how sometimes life is going along and then all of a sudden something comes along and smacks you in the side of the head? Yep, that's been our last few days. Here's what happened-- we got the oil changed in our car, and then it turned into a very large doorstop. As in, the vehicle no longer moves, and to make it move will cost more than $5000. It's a 2011, so that is not happening. But it has fresh oil! This was *my* car, and I loved it, and I hate driving my husband's car, so I am just a bit down.


So now I have been sentenced to spending my weekends looking at new (used) cars and listening to  my husband (God bless him) figuring out what to do with the vehicle-that-no-longer-counts-as-a-vehicle-because-it-no-longer-moves. There are a surprising number of options! And the financing options, which are even more boring, if that's possible. I've retreated to the sewing room several times, just to keep my spirits up.

Ah, well. Life goes on. No humans were injured, just engines, so there is a bright side. And some bright projects, too! Here is one that I almost finished last week, before the big car debacle:

Okay, that's pretty cheerful. I got most of these blocks from Myra's gigantic destash at Busy Hands Quilts, and then I made the remaining blocks from the fabric that came with these.  There's one more seam to be sewn, but this center will be about 32 by 40.  After I add some borders it will make a very nice kid's quilt, just right for donation. Here is what I have for a border fabric:

It will be busy, but bright. And fairly happy!

The walking foot quilting continues, too. Those babies are a quite something to wrangle through the machine and I got one wrinkle in the back that I had to stop and pull out. That's been my only issue so far, though, besides just being tired of quilting them.

I was also inspired by one of Preeti's posts and dug out these bits of flannel leftovers:

I think these will make a nice kid quilt as well. I'm not sure about how heavy it will be, but I think I can always make it without batting and just two layers of flannel if necessary. And these scraps will certainly be happier in a quilt than as mopheads for the Swiffer, don't you think?

Hope you are having a good week and that your wheels are still turning!  Cross your fingers that we find a new car.  I don't even care what color! Though yellow would be nice. . . just because.

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  1. Not a happy story about the car. Keep smiling and sew...

  2. Sorry to hear about your car, I hope you find a new one you will love just as much. I love my car, until it goes wrong, then I hate it.

  3. The new donation quilt is sweet. It's so frustrating about your car - it seems way too young to have this sort of trouble.

    As for wrinkles on the back of your quilt, have you tried starching the back? I know it's a pain, but ever since I started doing it I've not struggled with wrinkles on quilt backs.

  4. I feel you about the car! My husband took my car to get an oil change two weeks ago and they told me that if I wanted it to pass inspection it would need $1000 worth of repairs! Ugh! I also have a lot of flannel scraps that I need to use up -- I'm going to have to check Preeti's blog out.

  5. In my previous car, I was driving down the road when BAM the power steering went out and the engine died in the middle of a six lane BUSY road. It was DOA when it towed to the shop - we sold it as-is to a man a few states away (through eBay) who worked for that brand and could get a new engine for a lot less than at a repair shop. He planned to fix it up for his wife - they were THRILLED. I love my Honda Accord - 11 years old now, over 100000 miles, and going strong.

  6. For kids and baby quilts I often use a layer of flannel rather than batting. The three layers of flannel seem to meld making the quilting easier.

  7. Oh man, I'm sorry about the car. I don't like driving my hub's car either, so I feel your pain there. I sure hope you find something fun, for a great price, that makes you happy -- yellow too! Absolutely! Your quilt is so bright and cheery, I'm glad you picked something fun to do while the rest of life wasn't being so fun. Hope things take a turn for the better soon!

  8. Ugh!! So sorry to hear about the car nonsense. That sounds just miserable.
    The quilt however is wonderful. I love how you can come up with ways to use blocks up - this is great!
    Hope you find a decent deal on a car with lots of miles to go. Good luck Mari.... I know we are going to have to do something similar at some point as I have a 2011 car as well.

  9. I once donated a car to my county fire and rescue for training use. A non-running car would be great for that.

  10. A 2011 is too new to be dead!! That's crazy!! I'm sorry your car died prematurely. Not too much is made these days to last. I have a car that is 79 years old and it still runs. They built things to last before WWII!! With as expensive as vehicles are (some cost more than my dad's house did when it was brand new), it seems as though they should last longer then they do. I hope you find a good one for a good price!

  11. I am so sorry about that giant door stop. Does this mean that you cannot come see me? Are you asking me to visit you? I'd happily swing by to see this new beauty in person, hold your quilts or flimsies for pictures etc. and if there are any cute (or ugly) scraps cluttering your studio, I can help tidy up too :-) Sending hugs to you.

  12. What is the pattern for the 16 patches and x's? I believe I have done that before in a blog challenge.

  13. So sorry about the car. I had to car shop recently and it was so hard to get started. It was kind of fun after I got into it, but not being a car person makes knowing what to pick kind of hard. Ended up with a sub compact SUV which is kind of fun honestly. The best part is apple car play so that I can listen to audio books and it has nice safety features for lane changing and backing up. Good luck finding what will work for you. There are lots of cool gadgets now that didn't exist 9 years ago.


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