Friday, November 21, 2014

Across the Drunkard's Path

Hi folks! We are still in a deep freeze here, and I know a lot of you are too. It feels like January, not November! Maybe a really early winter means a really early spring? A little optimism can't hurt, especially if it gets us through the winter.

I thought for sure I would have a finished Drunkard's Path quilt to show today. Instead, I have an almost finished Drunkard's Path quilt:

Check out the snow behind the fence!
Funny story about this quilt. See the lovely pink print that is the background for these blocks? That fabric was left over from the backing of another quilt. I thought there would be just enough for 9 blocks plus a narrow border. I was so confident that I cut the border before I finished the blocks.

What was I thinking? Because you know what happened--I had enough for 8 1/2 blocks. I need 4 more of the large pieces to finish the last block. I'm going to have to eke them out by joining some scrap pieces together and then cutting the template. Yeah, I feel stupid.

Even with all that, I think it looks great!  I love the colors and I'm happy with the layout. I plan to grind out those last pieces whatever it takes and then have it quilted so I'll get it back for a nice shot of spring in January. It's been so cold and gross here already that I know we'll really need it by then.

I discovered while making these that I really like the Drunkard's Path pattern. Yep, making another one. Jo, who has been reading along {waving--hi Jo!}, was kind enough to send me a few alternate layouts for Drunkard's Path quilts. There are literally dozens of ways to put these blocks together, especially if you use different colors. I chose this one for my next project:

Doesn't that look like fun? This is what the Frozen fabrics are for. I pasted them up on the "design wall" to see what it would look like in real fabric:

I am not sure about that purple Fairy Frost, but otherwise I like it! The Fairy Frost is not so bad in person, but it looks pretty lousy in this picture. I'll think about replacing it. I'll probably only make a quilt with 5 of the purple medallions because otherwise it will be gigantic. These templates make 4 inch finished blocks, after all.

That's it from the sewing room this week! Hope everyone stays warm this weekend. It's a good time to hand-stitch some binding so you can wrap up in the quilt at the same time. Just saying.

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Jo said...

Waving back at you....
It always looks different when you try it for yourself rather than just looking at a picture. Have fun with them....

Ramona said...

I have not attempted curves yet, but I see them in my future. Your Drunkard path quilts are going to be gorgeous! I love the fairy frost fabric... it will look like ice in your quilt. :)

Sharon said...

Both quilts are nice designs! I think the use of a Drunkard's Path unit are endless!

This week I ran short on a fabric for a curved block and pieced fabric together for it. No one has noticed! And I was using it for a demo in a class. :-)

Libby in TN said...

Don't you just hate it when you get overconfident, maybe a little cocky, and it comes back to bite you? I love your setting. Stay warm!

Michelle said...

I love Drunkard's Path quilts. They're fun to sew and there are enough neat layout options to justify making quite a few of them. :-)

SewPsyched! said...

I, too, and a big fan of the Drunkard's Path, although I did once hear someone call it a Staggering Jenny!!!
Love this quilt!
Ps, please send our snow back to Alaska! it is 50 degrees here :)

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

It is looking gorgeous! Yep, I've been known to run out of fabric and have to stitch together scraps, too. I designed two drunkard's path quilts, which I absolutely love. We get hooked!

Vicki W said...

Your quilt is looking great! Glad to see that someone else is crazy enough to make more than one!