Friday, November 28, 2014

Into the woods

Hi folks! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are not too stuffed to sew! The hubs and I are having Thanksgiving at our daughter's house, which is great for me because it means very little cooking! I didn't bring my sewing machine, but I do have these to show you:

Don't they look festive? These are the next couple of blocks for the winter quilt BOM from Cindy at Quilt Doodle Doodles that I am working on for the next few weeks. This is a very easy quilt and is very relaxing to work on. Seriously, you can grab a few minutes here and there and make great progress. (You can buy the patterns HERE or HERE).

Here are the three blocks I've done for this quilt all together:

I almost have the major center row done! I am considering "quilting as I go," which is why I'm doing them in this order. I've never done that with a whole quilt before, but why not try it on this one?

Since this was a holiday week, that's all the sewing I got finished! Hey, I'm happy I got anything done. Hope you finished something too! I'm going shopping later for a backing for this. I'm thinking flannel. Sounds cozy and fitting for a winter quilt, doesn't it?

Back to our regularly scheduled projects next week, with some of this thrown in for fun. Enjoy the weekend! Happy sewing!

Linking to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts. Stop by and get inspired!


Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said...

I love those scrappy green trees. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

JanineMarie said...

The blocks on this quilt are so cute, but I still think that background fabric just makes it.

JanineMarie said...
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Hollie @ Just a Mom who Sews said...

Those blocks are so cute! I think a winter scene quilt just asks for a flannel backing. Hopped on over from Crazy Mom Quilts.

Jak and Will by Stephanie said...

What a beautiful scene. I love the little tree1

Anonymous said...

This is really cute Mari. I am going to take a look at that pattern as this looks to be right up my alley.
Happy Thanksgiving. I am so full - no dinner planned for tonight!

Sheri said...

Your blocks look great! I did mine through the year and just need to border, quilt, and bind it.

Sarah Craig said...

Such a cute work in progress! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Whoop whoop!