Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter is coming

So, how is everyone doing with the polar vortex, part two? Got the shivering under control? Me either.  When I went out walking this morning it was 19 degrees. I was warm enough, but I really could have used a scarf because my face was very cold. At least we aren't shoveling yet. (Fingers crossed!) My condolences to all of you who are buried in snow. It's coming for us, I know.

This was kind of a slow week for me, sewing-wise. I did do some on the Drunkard's Path blocks and put together some more sashing for the triangle quilt, but didn't take any pictures. I'm kind of trying to wrap up a few things before Thanksgiving, you know?

One thing I did get (almost) done was this little wallhanging/ banner:

Don't worry, that's an applique spider, not a real one. This piece needs a binding, but I really loved this fabric. It's so natural-looking and calm. This is Field Guide by Moda. One of my cousins is an herbalist, so this will probably go to her. I kept thinking of her while I made it, so I guess it's meant to be! I made this from a fat eighth pack and a half-yard piece of coordinated linen fabric. There is a bunch of the fabric left over, so  think I can get a binding out of it too.

This little banner is about 19 wide by 30 high. It was adapted from the "Hearty Good Wishes" free pattern by Moda. The strips are just random widths joined together, and the applique at the top is motifs cut from the fabric and raw-edge appliqued on at random. The quilting is just some big, loose leaves. I wanted the whole thing to look really organic, and I think it does.

So, except for some more DP blocks, that was pretty much the sum total of my sewing week! Pathetic, I know. And check out our plans for the weekend:

Yep, all the leaves from the maple fell off at once! I think they froze off, actually. So I will be raking this weekend before the snow shows up. It's supposed to get here Saturday, so it will be a race to see if we can get the leaves done before the flakes fall.

Hope you all have something better planned! Stay warm!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Hope you don't get blisters from all that raking!!!

JanineMarie said...

I like the layout of your herbal quilt, especially with that little hexie added in. I went out and got a new winter jacket yesterday, so I'm all set for whatever comes. Just a little lake effect dusting where I live. Could be much worse if I lived 70 miles to the west.

Anonymous said...

The art quilt is so pretty. Your cousin is lucky to be the recipient. I love the colors.

As for the leaves, yikes! It gives me a back ache just to look at it. Hope you don't have to do all of that alone.
We got some rain, for which I am so grateful. Still have highs in the 60's tho. No snow here!

Rachel said...

That's a great looking wall hanging. I love how the applique really gives it a field notebook sort of feel! I've been considering whether some of the natural catalogers in my family need something from this line too. Very pretty!