Sunday, April 24, 2022

Hands2Help Guest Blogger Alycia!

 Hi everyone, and welcome back to another exciting episode of Hands2Help, the Guest Blogger Edition!

Today we are lucky to have Alycia, of Alycia Quilts, as our guest blogger.  Here is a quick look at her project:

Classic and cute! Hop on over to her post, right HERE, to get more fun pictures and a tutorial for this easy project. Be sure to leave her a nice note while you are there!

Announcements, reminders, and questions


Okay, a small announcement: I am closing the sign-ups for this year on May 1. This will let me have a good count for allocating prizes and make my life much easier. Thanks for understanding!

Also on May 1, I'll open up the form for counting the quilts from this year. You don't need to be done by then, of course! But when you do finish, you'll have the form all ready to be filled out. This is only for counting how many quilts we've donated through the Challenge. No hard questions!

Reminder: the quilt sizes requested by our primary organizations are all found on the tab at the top of the blog, along with tons of other information and links to all the H2H posts. Click right HERE or look for the Hands2Help tab at the top. 

Another reminder: I am happy to answer your questions, but please, please leave an email address so I can get in touch with you. I feel awful when people have questions and I have no way to contact them.

A couple of questions:

Can I just send my quilts to you? Oh, no. Not only would I have to send them out again to our organizations, but here's what would likely happen: my hubby would open the box, think one of the donation quilts looked cozy, and curl up on the sofa with it for a nice nap. And then what would we do? Poke the sleeping bear? So save us all the trouble and send it directly to one of our very deserving organizations.

Can I get a tax receipt? A very common question! No, I don't give those receipts. Some organizations will do it upon request, but your best bet is to ask a tax advisor how to document your charitable donations. Having just finished my own taxes a few weeks ago, I can promise that you'll want to talk to someone other than me about it!

Can I have some fabric so I can make a donation quilt? Sorry, any fabric I would send would have to come from my own stash, and you know I have plans for every bit, right? 😊 The fabrics donated for prizes will be distributed randomly, and I'm committed to fairness in this, so I can't send them to people who just request them. Thanks for understanding.

That's all for now! Hope you are all having fun making your donations, and that you will give some of the patterns from our guest bloggers a try. Happy spring, and happy stitching!


Susie H said...

Sweet quilt, Alycia, and a big thank you, Mari, for holding us all together here! I'm new to this and these questions have all swirled in my head at one time or another.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Thanks, Mari! And I love the churn dash, Alycia!!!

Bernie Kringel said...

I am certainly not poking that sleeping bear. Yes, much better to send the quilts to the chosen organization. Plus less expensive! No need to mail them twice.
Mari - thank you for chairing the event this year. I am sure people do not realize the work that goes into this sort of thing. I appreciate it!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for the reminders, Mari!