Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hands2Help Quilt Parade Part 2

 Hello everyone, and welcome to the second part of our quilt parade for Hands2Help!

We have more eye candy this week, but just a reminder that next week, May 29, is the final link party for you all to show off your fun donation quilts. We have more than 300 quilts counted already, so I'm expecting some really pretty things to look at next week. 

While we're at it, don't forget to fill out the form so we can get a good count of all the quilts made for our challenge. The form is right HERE and has no hard questions, so you should be able to fill it out in just a minute.

Okay, on to the quilts made by non-bloggers! All of the photos were submitted by the makers, and some photos have been cropped (without cutting out any quilty goodness) and others have been made into collages using Google Photos. You should be able to click to enlarge any of these.

First up is this pretty one made by Heidee Lindsey:
So much color! Sherry Book sent this photo of three quilts:

I love those bees! These beauties went to Little Lambs.
Another beauty came from Ila:
Such beautiful colors!
Linda M. in St. Louis made 8 quilts! These went to Little Lambs:

And so did these:

And these three beauties went to Quilty Hugs:
Gorgeous, all of them!

Kat Slaby sent pictures of her three quilts:

These quilts went to an organization called Nurturing Newborns, which sounds wonderful.

Diane sent photos of ten child's quilts she created. Here are three collages:

Nice use of panels!
Adorable! And finally:

These are all really cute, and sure to be loved!

And that wraps up today's quilt parade! Thanks to all who sent pictures, and everyone who is finishing up their donation quilts. See you next week for the linkup!

Happy stitching!


ButterZ said...

Beautiful donations

Quiltdivajulie said...

So many great quilts today! p.s. I submitted my "count" form a couple of weeks ago but the destination for the three quilts has changed. I've submitted a "Corrected" form so hopefully the quilts don't get counted twice.

The Joyful Quilter said...

SEW many fabulous quilts, Mari!!