Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Penguin's quilt

 Hello everyone! How is your week going? I have turned in the last of my grades and graduation is Sunday, so you could say that my week is going well. I was actually working in my sewing room a bit earlier, so it is going really well. 

Today I have a very small finish and a very small start. First up, the finish:

It's adorable, is it not? This little tiny quilt is about 8-1/2 by 10-1/2 and is for a very special stuffed animal. About 10 days ago our granddaughter was over at our house, and she told me that Penguin needed his own "qwiwt." (I can't quite capture how she says it, but this grandma thinks it's adorable.)

What is a grammy to do? Inspired by Julie's lovely story of creating with her grandson (which starts HERE), I grabbed the box of 2-inch squares and let the 3 year old pick some out and hand them to me while I put them in a little grid. As she is only 3, that's the limit of her attention span, so I stitched them up later and turned them into this little quilt, which is the perfect size for Penguin. 

Before she lost interest completely, I asked her what Penguin's favorite color is. Can you believe it's the same as hers? What were the odds? This is so small that I was able to find a purple scrap that was just big enough, and the binding is also a lavender scrap. I can't wait to give this to her. Really to Penguin, you know, but I feel sure she'll take care of it for him.

As you can imagine, that didn't take very long, but it was very rewarding. Once I was done with that, I started cutting up the medium and dark blues and greens for a new project. I really need to use these pieces up, and I finally came upon an idea that I liked that I think will work. These will make 4-inch finished hsts, so I'm hoping the quilt itself will grow really quickly. I already know that stitching these triangles together will be soothing and easy for my tired brain.

That's the story from here! I may take a small nap now, but what's happening in your corner of the world? Hope it's good!

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Susie H said...

I am ASTONISHED that Penguin's favorite color and your granddaughter's are the same!! Lol! You are a good Grandma and it sure brings us joy to make the babies happy, doesn't it? I think, with her colorful expertise, that you have made a masterpiece! Great job!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Isn't it fun to help the littles with their Quilty-wishes for their precious stuffies?! Penguin will be VERY pleased! Hooray for the end of the school year.

Bernie Kringel said...

Good job Grammy! Penguin will be delighted as will C. I hope you see her soon.
I love those little conversations and projects - such a lovely time spent together.
Nice to be done with finals - summertime is here. Tho you wouldn't know it looking out my window this morning. So windy and cloudy. Good day for inside projects.... hmmm, what should I do today? ;-)

grammajudyb said...

Precious quilt for a special little and her friend! I miss my littles! Thank goodness for ZOOM! I know your HST project will be awesome! Speaking of awesome…what are the white flowers in your post? So far, in this high plains desert, we have dandelions and a few scraggly tulips! :)

Sara said...

Woo Hoo - end of semester!! I have 2 students still not finished, and one of those hasn't logged in for a month or responded to anything. Neither has her adult facilitator. So maybe I only have 1 to finish.

The little quilt is so cute and Penguin (and the granddaughter) will be pleased.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Mari! Oh, what an adorable qwiwt for a penguin friend. I'm surprised it took you 10 days to fill the request. And YIPPEE to grades being turned in and graduation this weekend. I can feel the tension radiating away - far, far, far away. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Ivani said...

She will be thrilled with such an adorable qwiwt for Penguin.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm sure that quilt will be well loved by both of them, but especially Penguin. Yahoo for stashed with just the right colors, too! And yay for the finish to the school year!

Pat said...

A sweet quilt for Penguin and I'm sure your granddaughter will love it too! Excited to see 'how' you use your hst's!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hooray for the end of the semester! Penguin's quilt is adorable - it's so fun to create with little ones. Here's to a summer of naps and sewing and doing whatever you want! (And, just wanted to let you know, my package arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! It will be fun to see what I can do with that pretty yarn and some new needles.)